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Incorporating natural elements into design products while preserving plant life

The Pianeta Verde collection by Benetti embodies the fusion of creativity and nature, offering an innovative approach to integrating stabilized greenery.

Benetti introduces the Pianeta Verde (Green Planet) collection, a collaborative effort with architect Fabio Rotella from Rotella Studio. This partnership, which began in the early 2000s, stems from a shared interest in innovative design concepts and the creative use of MOSS.

The collaboration has resulted in distinctive decorative installations showcasing Fabio Rotella’s unique style. The new Pianeta Verde collection seamlessly integrates natural elements into design products, maintaining the durability and vibrancy of the plants. This partnership fosters the evolution of their products, leading to increasingly sophisticated and personalized solutions.

The versatility of MOSS opens up endless creative possibilities, allowing for unique and personalized projects that incorporate natural elements without the need for extensive plant maintenance. Elements such as cork, wood, bark, wallpaper, and mirrors are combined with classic Benetti Moss to create freestanding pieces, designer room dividers, wall art, and ceiling-hanging pendants.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti

The wide range of colors, designs, shapes, and materials in the Pianeta Verde collection by Benetti Home makes it suitable for any environment, including corporate spaces, retail stores, public areas, and private residences.

Space and Parenthesis 01

The hollowed cork tile offers a sophisticated and highly functional solution, ideal for commercial spaces seeking distinctive design. Available in striped or double parenthesis shapes, these cork tiles deliver advanced acoustic performance by reducing reverberation and mitigating ambient noise.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti


Bark adds dynamic movement to Moss walls with its irregular texture and natural chromatic shades, transforming indoor spaces into a natural haven. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, bark serves as insulation, contributing to efficient temperature maintenance. This combination of natural materials makes the covering environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Natural elegance and versatility are embodied in wood stripe tiles, available in various essences. These tiles blend high-quality materials with contemporary design. The addition of metal slabs introduces modernity and elegance, creating a striking contrast with the natural wood and greenery.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti


This decorative wall element, characterized by elegant arches, offers customization possibilities that transform spaces in surprising ways. Its flexible design allows for numerous combinations and patterns, making it a standout feature in any setting.

Parenthesis 02

The use of wood adds a refined touch, making this product perfect for elegant and sophisticated settings. The double parenthesis cladding stands out for its harmonious curves and perfect symmetry, adding a contemporary and distinctive touch to any space. Its versatility allows for application on full walls or limited sections.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti

Floral and Foliage

The Flora and Foliage ranges embellish Moss walls with decorative elements. Flora enriches Cream Moss walls with customizable floral designs, creating unique natural environments, while Foliage adorns walls with dried leaves. Together, they evoke the ambiance of autumn, creating natural and evocative spaces.


The Precious range combines Moss with brass decorations, bringing a contemporary touch to environments. Moss adds refined naturalness, while the carefully designed brass accessories add sophistication.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti


The combination of preserved Benetti JAVA foliage and bark creates an elegant wall covering. This blend of natural elements offers a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and sustainability, making cladding not only decorative but also environmentally friendly.


Semi-arch shaped decorative modules combine Moss, wallpaper, and mirrors, framed by brass-colored structures. These modules enhance room aesthetics and create cozy, sophisticated atmospheres, ideal for public spaces like restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti


The modular oval-shaped cladding offers elegant versatility for both walls and freestanding elements. Its refined and contemporary silhouette adapts to any space, combining precious materials for a distinctive character that blends nature and contemporary design.


Suspended from the ceiling, these decorative elements catch the eye and create a unique atmosphere. The brass-colored structure frames a central sphere covered with lichen or flock, adding natural freshness and sophisticated texture. This combination defines a stylish and elegant space, perfect for lounges or reception areas.

Pianeta Verde by Fabio Rotella for Benetti


Emerging from the walls, this tree with its imaginary shape captivates with a majestic round crown made of moss, in colors reminiscent of autumn forests or the vibrant tones of spring. The trunk features sinuous lines and perfect geometry, making it a striking feature in any space.


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