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Alluring and evanescent materiality by the PINION PROJECT

The heavy solidity of concrete blends with slight transparency of the acrylic giving life to a new material, with a strong visual appealing

PINION PROJECT is the result of a collaboration between two Seoul-based design studios, HATTERN and LAB.CRETE, who worked together to mix their knowledge on the use of two materials with totally opposite features.

Starting from research on the relation between acrylic and concrete, two materials deeply contrasting each other,  they came up with totally unreleased and eye-catching substance.

PINION PROJECT_chair detail
The PINION PROJECT combines the intrinsic features of concrete and acrylic

HATTERN focused on transparent materials and colors sparkle, while LAB.CRETE worked towards opaque materials and density, with the common purpose to create a new type of terrazzo material, made of the permeation between acrylic and concrete.

The two studios added color, pattern and shape to the concrete, which penetrates the acrylic fragments, while acrylic’s cut pieces were employed to fill the empty remaining spaces of concrete.

PINION PROJECT_material processing
The PINION PROJECT is based on a process of materials addition and removal

With PINION PROJECT, the concrete and the acrylic become one-off matter, completely mixed together and complementary maximizing the properties of this new object.

The result is wonderfully exclusive, showing the lightness, brightness and spatiality properties of acrylic, while preserving the opacity, compactness and solidity of concrete.

PINION PROJECT shows the potential application of a new two-component, visually modern and graceful material, which can easily be adapted to different uses.

PINION PROJECT_material close-up
The result of this experimentation of matter is an alluring, visually modern and elegant material

HATTERN and LAB.CRETE implied their creation to design a captivating seating with ethereal and dreamlike appearance.


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