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Iris Ceramica Group unveils ‘POESIS MATERIAE’ at Milan Design Week 2024

British studio Zaha Hadid Design partners with Iris Ceramica Group to explore the strength and versatility of ceramics.

Milan Design Week returns from April 15th to 21st, once again transforming the city into a vibrant canvas of design exploration. Amidst the myriad events comprising Fuorisalone, one exhibition stands out as a beacon of artistic collaboration: ‘POESIS MATERIAE‘ by Italian ceramics manufacturer Iris Ceramica Group in partnership with the international studio Zaha Hadid Design.

The exhibition marks a convergence of talent, craftsmanship, and boundless imagination, nestled within the historic confines of Piazza dei Mercanti. Titled ‘POESIS MATERIAE’, it emerges as a testament to the enduring allure and versatility of ceramics. 

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group
POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

Informed by the rich heritage of Iris Ceramica Group‘s materials, visitors are welcomed into a realm where sinuous forms intertwine, creating an immersive landscape that blurs the boundaries between art and architecture. As guests meander through this awe-inspiring installation, they’re invited to contemplate the inherent strength and sustainability of ceramics—an ode to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship.

Central to Zaha Hadid Design’s vision is the reinterpretation of ceramic elements, breathing new life into traditional materials through innovative design principles. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of natural forms, the installation evokes the undulating movement of water waves—a mesmerising fusion of tradition and modernity. It’s a celebration of ingenuity and resilience, where ceramics transcend their utilitarian roots to become vessels of artistic expression.

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

Aligned with the overarching theme of Fuorisalone 2024, “Materia Natura,” Zaha Hadid Design’s ‘POESIS MATERIAE’ creation champions sustainability and conscious design. By spotlighting ceramics as a medium for fluid and sinuous designs, the exhibition underscores the transformative power of craftsmanship in fostering a more harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment.

Beyond the confines of Piazza dei Mercanti, the experience extends to the newly revitalised Iris Ceramica Group Showroom in Via Santa Margherita 4, where ceramics become a real and virtual sensory experience. Here, visitors are welcomed into a realm where the physical and digital converge—a “phygital” space that encapsulates the Group’s artistic and technological prowess across the three floors of the new showroom, now renamed as the ICG Gallery Milano. 

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group
POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

From the ground floor’s welcoming nexus to the meticulously curated living spaces on the first floor, the gallery offers a multifaceted exploration of Iris Ceramica Group’s innovative solutions. As guests navigate through the showroom, they’re immersed in a sensory journey that transcends traditional notions of materiality, offering a glimpse into the future of ceramic innovation.

“The ground floor entrance is an open square, designed as a welcoming space for meeting and sharing,” explains Iris Ceramica Group. “The soft, delicate colours offer a discreet backdrop yet with a well-defined identity, whilst the overall setting embraces and delicately narrates the Group’s universe of values through the materials, video-walls and the augmented reality of ICG Play, which tells of the 4 properties of Active Surfaces®: antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning.”

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

“In the same room, a bespoke corner allows visitors to interact with the ceramic materials, mixing and matching them using the Material Library, creating inspirational mood boards.”

At the heart of the ICG Gallery Milano lies a commitment to redefining human-environment interaction through cutting-edge technologies and artistic expression. On the first floor, the surfaces applied recreate authentic living, kitchen and bathroom settings for the residential and contract world. 

Irisi Ceramica Group _ ICG Gallery Milano
ICG Gallery Milano, Bottega d’Arte’s caveau

The ground floor is organised in different areas: starting with a dedicated place for the “full-body” collection, we move then to a space focused on the “Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica” project, and a technical work-in space for architects and designers with all the latest decorative materials.

These lead to the “caveau”, a vault that protects the most precious haute-couture ceramic surfaces: the “Bottega d’Arte” jewels. 

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

“The eco-active Active Surfaces®, Hypertouch smart slabs, the Material Library, the 4D Ceramics, the interior design applications and the “Bottega d’Arte” red-body materials – everything speaks of the Iris Ceramica Group Mission to reengineer ceramics to improve human-environment interaction,” says Iris Ceramica Group.

“Entering the ICG Gallery Milano is more than just a visit, it is an authentic journey.”

POESIS MATERIAE by Zaha Hadid Design for Iris Ceramica Group

In essence, ‘POESIS MATERIAE’ and the ICG Gallery Milano epitomise the spirit of Fuorisalone 2024—a convergence of creativity, sustainability, and transformative design.

As visitors navigate through these immersive spaces, they’re not only surrounded by artistry: they’re embarking on a journey designed to ignite the imagination surrounding ceramics and their potential.

Iris Ceramica Group _ ICG Gallery Milano _ entrance

Additionally, during the Fuorisalone week, the interior square at the ICG Gallery Milano becomes the stage for a series of meetings and events discussing design topics with a view to sustainability, the pillar of the Group’s founding values. It offers a platform for engaging dialogue and networking within the design community, further reinforcing the commitment to innovative and sustainable design practices. 


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