The arrival of Robotor marks a new era and method of sculpting

Create stunning sculptures with ease: Robotor – the innovative product of Italian-based Filippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari allows anyone to channel their inner artist

Step into the future of Italian art with marble-milling robots that are taking the world by storm. Robotor created machines that combine the company’s expertise in stone-working with robot technology to streamline the production process and meet various production needs.

Using the same exquisite marble that graced the masterpieces of the Renaissance era, these bots are now accepting commissions and showcasing the perfect relationship between technology and art

According to the masterminds behind the project, tech is the key to unlocking Italy’s artistic potential, and we couldn’t agree more!

3D designs like never before

Meet Robotor, a series of three products that are the master of multi-axis industrial robots for milling. With a keen focus on the stone industry, each of the robots is custom-made to guarantee seamless integration and a hassle-free user experience while also fulfilling every production requirement with aplomb.

In the world of stone materials, Robotor can pride itself on its cutting-edge machines that bring 3D designs to life like never before. And the best part? It’s as easy as pie.

Just a few quick manual tweaks, and voilà. The autonomous system takes over and delivers jaw-dropping results that will leave you in awe.

The arrival of Robotor marks a new era and method of sculpting
© Robotor

Robotor is available in three different versions, which function similarly but differ in size – M, L, and XL. By using the product’s unique features, you can create sculptures that are up to 4.5 meters high.

Impressive, isn’t it? As the team notes, Robotor is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re an artist, architect, or designer, you could reap the benefits of this fascinating product.

To ensure the Robotor can fulfill its duties, the team behind it has created hardware that can withstand the toughest of challenges while delivering unparalleled precision, accuracy, and functionality.

© Robotor

Thanks to OR-OS, the impressive software installed in the robot’s chisel, the whole process of the production of complex sculptures is made much easier and quicker.

What’s more, the Robotor is also a more sustainable option. By using it, professionals will be able to reduce material waste, cut operating costs and slash energy consumption. How, you ask? By repurposing discarded materials into other stunning sculptures.

The arrival of Robotor marks a new era and method of sculpting
© Robotor

End notes

Who knew creating art could be such a breeze. Robotor has the potential to replicate and even replace the masterpieces of great artists. Take your vision to the next level as you feed data into the machine, or simply sit back and watch as the robot creates its own masterpiece – it’s your choice.

What do you think? Can robots replace the genius, sensitivity, and mastery of artists?


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