The new Samsung Battery Pack draws inspiration from the natural world

Resulting from the ongoing partnership between LAYER and Samsung, the innovative product combines a sleek and sophisticated design with high-performance capabilities, guaranteeing convenient and fast charging while on the move

LAYER, the experience design agency led by founder Benjamin Hubert, has collaborated with Samsung to create a remarkable portable battery pack. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and human behaviors, the design embodies clean and elegant aesthetics reminiscent of soft stone-like forms.

The palette chosen aligns with interior design, resulting in a tactile representation of technology. With its monolithic silhouette, prominent typographic element, and user-friendly interface, the battery pack achieves a simple yet distinctive expression that elevates this typically utilitarian product category.

This Samsung Battery Pack is the result of an ongoing partnership between LAYER and Samsung, and it is set to be released globally in April 2023.

Samsung Battery Pack by LAYER for Samsung _ inspired by the natural world
Samsung Battery Pack by LAYER x Samsung

We are proud to have partnered with Samsung since the very beginnings of LAYER. The new Battery Pack is a small part of a larger collaboration, and it is exciting to release the first of many products we are working on. The Samsung Battery Pack is accessible, functional, and simple yet instantly identifiable and memorable, bringing a little bit of joy to the everyday.” says Benjamin Hubert, Founder of LAYER.

The design showcases an elegant and subtly organic design that mimics the appearance of a natural object. Its pebble-like shape, enveloped in a speckled plastic with a pleasing tactile feel, enhances the device’s human-centric appeal.

Samsung Battery Pack by LAYER x Samsung

The gently rounded contours of the battery pack are subtly sliced at one end, creating a surface for the intuitive user interface. This asymmetrical design ensures a comfortable grip, resulting in an elevated and ergonomic user experience.

To provide quick capacity identification, a tactile and graphic typographic element is skillfully debossed into the surface of the battery pack, clearly indicating its 10,000 mAh capacity. This playful treatment of essential information transforms into an eye-catching and memorable emblem, setting the Battery Pack apart from others in the market.

Samsung Battery Pack by LAYER x Samsung

With its impressive 25W power output and 10,000 mAh capacity, it delivers exceptional performance, ensuring convenient and rapid charging while on the go. It offers ample capacity to provide devices with an instant power boost, while also recharging quickly itself.

Thanks to its dual-port charging capability, this efficient Battery Pack enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices, such as phones and earbuds, providing added convenience and minimizing any hassle.


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