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The SEARCUS Capsule collection by Aquatic Creatures

Fantastic characters, illusions, magic tricks, and acrobatics become the protagonists of Aquatic Creatures’ capsule collection, SEARCUS.

Aquatic Creatures, the Interior Design project by Riccardo Capuzzo that tells of fantastic and amazing stories of the ocean, presents a new extraordinary creative suggestion, telling us a saga set in a submerged circus made up of fantastic characters between illusions, magic, and acrobatics become the protagonists of a capsule of collectibles. The new proposal continues in the fantastic and surreal mood, a hallmark of the brand, giving us other emotions with its circus, nicely called SEARCUS.

The circus which is, by definition, playful and fun and in some respects decidedly sinister and melancholic, acquires new strength from the interpretation of Riccardo Capuzzo who offers us a strong message of complicity and friendship between the fantastic artists of his circus, a message that we know be central to the designer’s vision and already well represented by the history of the balloon fish.

Friendship and mutual support in order to achieve a common goal, which in this case is to entertain the other inhabitants of the sea with the acrobatics and spectacular effects typical of the circus. A metaphor of life with which Riccardo Capuzzo reminds us that behind the spectator’s enjoyment there are commitment and fatigue, stories of success and failure, and of confrontation and challenge to one’s limits.

Through the values ​​of friendship and complicity of the SEARCUS artists, Riccardo Capuzzo strongly renews the message of respect and protection of the oceans and their inhabitants, an ethical value that for the designer is an integral part of the brand’s philosophy.

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So let’s discover the protagonists of SEARCUS!

There is the Luigi di Mazara del Vallo shrimp, dynamic and energetic, on the unicycle on the turtle’s carapace which, a symbol of the calmness of the wise, dampens their impetuosity thus finding the right balance; there is the young tortoise being shot from the cannon of the Octopus circus in an image of pure fun; there is the Bernard hermit crab, capable of balancing on the balloon on the back of the fast manta ray and there is the seahorse, trapeze artist thanks to the prehensile tail, which peeps out from the shell of the crab, generating surprise in the audience.

Searcus - tea cup set
Through the values ​​of friendship and complicity of the SEARCUS artists, Riccardo Capuzzo strongly renews the message of respect and protection of the oceans and their inhabitants – ©Aquatic Creatures

A way of characters is also designed to entertain and make children smile, because “if one of them sees one of my drawings and smiles, the goal is already achieved for me.” Riccardo Capuzzo tells us. A playful aspect that he has skillfully represented in these magical traveling circuses on the carapaces of crabs and turtles, and on the backs of fish and octopuses, with equilibrists, trapeze artists, and other artists of the colorful and imaginative marine world.

The Capsule Collection dedicated to Searcus, colorful and precious, offers both everyday objects such as plates, cups, trays, and bowls, as well as Home Decor objects such as empty pockets and vases.

The collection is made of fine china hand-decorated in Italy. The decorated and lacquered metal present in the tray are always made in Italy and feature an assortment of precious and quality objects designed to decorate any environment with elegance and personality, from the most sophisticated and elaborate, to younger and more informal ones.

Riccardo Capuzzo tells us more about the collection and the future of his project, Aquatic Creatures:

 Aquatic Creatures is more than just product collections, how does it shape environments and interior spaces?

Riccardo Capuzzo: “The idea is to represent an imaginary dimension, another planet with a specific environment to be translated into a design collection. This atmosphere is designed through wallpapers, vases, tableware, wall decors and is characterized by its own music compositions available on Spotify.

Looking at the wallpaper, listening to the Aquatic Creatures piano composition, and eating from one of our plates for a full immersion in this world is like traveling into this alternative dimension that just because it is imaginary, doesn’t t mean it is not real.”

What is the circus theme representing in the SEARCUS collection?

Riccardo Capuzzo:The Circus represents a whole world in another world, a microcosmo. I am fascinated by its aesthetic and contradictions. Although I am totally against the exploitation of animals in the circus, I think it is a virtuous example of a society where everybody collaborates together for a common purpose.

The friendship and complicity theme is already present in the Montgolfier fishes and it is proposed again in Searcus. All drawings represent a duo, an itinerant circus performance of two very different beings that work together, this is the message I would like to transfer.”

Riccardo Capuzzo’s Aquatic Creatures reminds us of the beauty of sketching and hand-drawn illustrations, find out what is The meaning of sketches in today’s design world.

What is next for Aquatic Creatures? What can we expect to see in the near future?

Riccardo Capuzzo: “We will extend the product offer for the interior, testing on fabrics as well. The music aspect will see more collaboration with composers and we are heading to explore the animations. After Searcus there will be soon other themes that will be developed and I can`t wait to share them.”

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