MotorSkins is reshaping the way humans interact with technology

Their innovative SELK technology serves as a compelling illustration of how the combination of ambient computing and programmable matter has the potential to deeply transform the way we interact with both the digital and physical domains.

SELK technology, MotorSkins‘ flagship innovation, integrates soft robotics, fluid logic, and software/API into a cohesive and dynamic system. Its sophisticated multilayered textile structure exemplifies programmable matter, endowing it with the ability to sense, react, and adapt to its surroundings.

In the ever-evolving world of design and technology, ambient computing is emerging as a groundbreaking vision for the future. It envisions a world where technology seamlessly integrates into our surroundings, operating effortlessly and becoming an inherent part of our environment.

SELK technology by MotorSkins
© SELK Technology by MotorSkins

This concept is complemented by the innovative field of programmable matter, which involves materials engineered to dynamically change their properties, such as shape or functionality, in response to user input or environmental changes. These materials not only respond to stimuli but also make localized decisions, representing a significant advancement in material science.

At the intersection of these two transformative ideas lies MotorSkins‘ pioneering SELK technology, a prime example of how the fusion of ambient computing and programmable matter can profoundly revolutionize our interaction with both the digital and physical realms.

SELK technology by MotorSkins
The Team behind – © SELK Technology by MotorSkins

This technology goes beyond traditional interface designs, offering a tactile, responsive medium that ensures technology not only coexists harmoniously with its environment but actively enhances it. The incorporation of SELK’s programmable textile actuators into everyday products showcases MotorSkins’ forward-thinking approach to material science.

These actuators transform static objects into interactive, adaptable interfaces, allowing materials to intuitively respond to user inputs and environmental changes. This bridges the gap between users and their surroundings, users and machines, and users and the virtual world.

© SELK Technology by MotorSkins

In the healthcare sector, MotorSkins is applying SELK technology to create dynamic orthoses. These orthoses, powered by SELK’s intelligent and versatile metamaterial, combine simplicity in design with enhanced functionality and performance. This wearable interface serves as a seamless intermediary between the user and their environment, elevating the user experience with intuitive responsiveness.

Expanding the reach of SELK technology, MotorSkins is paving the way for a novel type of interface in industries like automotive interiors. In this context, SELK promises to revolutionize the cabin experience, offering more intuitive and safer interactions that dynamically respond to both driver behavior and external conditions.

SELK technology by MotorSkins
© SELK Technology by MotorSkins

SELK-powered morphing interfaces can provide buttons, comfort, and haptic feedback on demand, all while maintaining a sleek and discreet appearance. In human-machine interfaces, SELK’s potential is being explored to create more ergonomic workspaces and interactive, responsive interior spaces. By combining programmable matter with the principles of ambient computing, MotorSkins is not merely developing advanced technological interfaces; they are fundamentally reshaping the way humans interact with technology.

© SELK Technology by MotorSkins

Their efforts herald a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, enhancing the human experience in natural and unobtrusive ways. MotorSkins serves as an example of how the collaboration between design and technology can synergistically improve human life, charting a path toward a future where technology and design work together to enhance our everyday existence.


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