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The Sepura garbage disposal composts food straight from the kitchen sink

Sepura is an automated composting bin that makes food waste management effortless and easy.

Composting is great for the planet so why don’t many of us do it? Unfortunately, the answer to that question will be as simple as composting being too smelly or too much of a chore (first world problems, we know).

So, what could overcome these obstacles to composting? Introducing the Sepura Home smart composter, an innovative product that allows for sustainable removal of food scraps.

Composting returns valuable nutrients to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility – © Sepura Home

Mounted under the sink, Sepura makes the act of composting as easy as scraping your plate. It comprises three parts: a separating component, which separates food waste as it goes down the sink, installation accessories, and a collection center. Additionally, it provides attachments to help collect food waste from dishwashers as well.

The separator device simply attaches to the underside of the kitchen sink – © Sepura Home

Easy to install, repair and maintain, it is the result of intensive research and feedback from builders, plumbers and homeowners—basically, the holy trinity when it comes to domestic knowhow. The separator device simply attaches to the underside of the kitchen sink, hooking up the drainpipe to one side of the separator and the collection bin to the other.

As far as kitchen appliances go, Sepura is one of the greenest. It’s extremely energy efficient using only 60W when running and it requires no external water supply to operate or plastic bags. It’s extremely quiet too and can process almost any disposable item, bones and pits included, without making a sound

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The LED lights indicate when Sepura is filling up – © Sepura Home

To prevent unwanted odors (often a downside to being green and composting at home), the design team incorporated a carbon filter cover, a gasketed sliding door, and air vents. According to Sepura, food waste can be stored for up to 4 weeks without any odors.

There are also several features that work to make the process of emptying the bin more pleasant, like the fact it’s self-cleaning, and that the design incorporates a large bucket handle that’s easy to carry. Our favourite feature however is the LED lights that indicate when it’s filling up, which means it never has to be opened until it needs emptying. That means no more smells and no more excuses!

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