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Slamp first flagship store opening party during the Milan Design Week 2022

The whole layout project is curated by general creative director Luca Mazza and aims to create a stunning scenario to Slamp eclectic lamps. The second opening will be in a few months in London.

The first Slamp flagship store was inaugurated in Milan on June 7th.

The Design Week 2022 was at its best and the opening party was the perfect pretext to celebrate Slamp’s new adventure in the retail world within the international design community.   

This opening means a lot to the company.

It marks the beginning of a new retail strategy that looks for a direct relation with its public.

It’s no surprise then that the project of the store layout has been curated personally by Slamp’s general creative director Luca Mazza.

And it’s no surprise that the Durini District, right in the center of the city and a key reference for leading made in Italy brands, was chosen as the Slamp new neighborhood. 

Slamp says about the new store: “It is not a physical place but an experience to be lived in the round, through the use of the senses. Not the stage of a journey, but an entity to be known and recognized over time and the relationship. A heart that beats, a soul that vibrates and finds its maximum expression in light”. 

Slamp Milan Duomo has been transformed into the perfect scenario for the brand’s iconic lamps.

The company’s production is based on a peculiar manufacturing technique that involves lightweight and resistant technopolymers, along with a complex mix of hi-tech and artisanal work.

The entire design focused catalog revolves around the idea of lightness and a surprising interpretation of a very ductile production process.

The result is a series of recognizable three dimensional shapes that are handworked in signature lighting objects.

© Slamp Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti

Of course Slamp production is a fascinating challenge for any designer, especially for the ones interested in turning man made materials into poetic and iconic products.

This is why the brand’s catalog affiche designers as Zaha Hadid, Studio Job, Marc Sadler, Lorenza Bozzoli, Daniel Libeskind and Nigel Coates (who was Slamp design curator for years).

The new flagship store highlights the brand DNA through a layout that calls for the emotional interaction of the passerby public. 

Slamp elevates our essential knowledge that every choice ties us to an illuminated language that effortlessly combines practical, poetic, and superlative solutions, breathing life and depth into myriad architectural scenarios” says Slamp.

​​”Mundane, pale walls reminiscent of a museum were absolutely not an option; instead the space melts pre-existing architectural details with a profound, unique color palette”.

The original interiors called for bright and contrasting colors. 

Slamp _ Flaghship store Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti
© Slamp Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti

The overall space is divided into three different clusters.

The flux from one to another is marked by the presence of significant Slamp pieces and by the possibility to enjoy them from very different perspectives. 

A dual LED wall welcomes the visitor and suggests entering a different, more vibrant, aesthetic universe. This is not a place for observers, but for people who want to experience light in an immersive way. 

Slamp interpretation of light calls for isolation from the ordinary world and this first branded store is the exact three dimensional synthesis of this mood.

Flaghship store Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti
© Slamp Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti

The grand geometry of La Lollona by Lorenza Bozzoli dominates the main space.

While a selection of historical products populates the archways of the lower level, covered with fumé mirrors that amplify the surrounding space. 

The layout creates a luxe play on depth that alters one’s perception while the arches alternate with mounted wall lamps, acting as a reflective pedestal to the pieces’ effortless complexities and resulting in impalpable vibrations moving within” the brand says.

© Slamp Milano Duomo _ ph Ezio Gosti

The basement floor is reached by a coral passage that hosts a stair and a lift. The warm palette meets the cold blue wall of the impressive 3 meters high space.

This is the impeccable set for Clizia suspension lamp and for a choreography of a multitude of Hugo cylindric pieces cadencing the ceiling.

The opening was also the right moment to unveil the novelties by long-term collaborators Marc Sadler and Lorenza Bozzoli.

© Tulip by Marc Sadler x Slamp _ Ph Thomas Pagani
© Tulip by Marc Sadler _ Ph Thomas Pagani

Sadler’s suspended lamp Tulip features the astonishing effect of lightweight polymers and the luxury of brushed brass stems that apparently fluctuate in the air just under the ceiling. 

Marc Sadler loves playing with materials and their unexpected effects: Tulip is the result of the designer’s passion for physics and for its poetic potentials.

Each tulip shaped light is connected to the next through a low voltage braided copper wire.

The product comes in different sizes and versions: 8 or 16 lamps suspended to a rectangular or circle rose, or sprouting from a self standing 16 LED lamps bundle.  

© Accordeon by Marc Sadler / Slamp

Accordeon is the second novelty by Marc Sadler.

A very traditional typology, namely the table lamp for contract spaces, has a new highly romantic and poetic version thanks to the simple work of corrugation of a polymer sheet.

The base, a geometric straight brass micro pillar, just add a simple elegance to the whole project. 

Lorenza Bossoli chose to work on historical references bringing the use of polymers sheet to a new status. From hyper contemporary material to handcrafted art déco inspired ceiling Odeon lamp.

Odeon lamp by Lorenza Bossoli x Slamp
© Odeon 100 by Lorenza Bossoli / Slamp

This new product is a homage to the grand theater era, when cultural life and avant garde debates flourished inside the splendid scenarios of performing arts venues.

Odeon is composed of concentric crowns of Goldflex and Lentiflex, a glass-like rippling polymer. Two available sizes: 60 cm and 100 cm, fully assembled. 


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