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An innovative lighting solution seamlessly adding a touch of warmth to your space

Running Guy brilliantly fabricates Sonne – a free-standing architectural tripod area light specifically for large spaces.

More than simply just a design studio and based in the UK, Running Guy brilliantly fabricates the innovative lighting solution ‘Sonne’ –  a free-standing architectural tripod area light specifically for large spaces.

Although they describe themselves as London-based – the Running Guy is a team of artists, designers and engineers located across the globe. 

Sonne by Running Guy
© Running Guy

Making tiny steps into the future, their eclectic work is rooted in creating one-of-a-kind experiences – from mass as well as bespoke furniture pieces to consumer appliances, smart devices, apps and services as well as a mélange of small accessories. 

Called Sonne, not by chance, as it translates to sun in German – this conceptual illuminating product is inspired by Olafur Eliasson’s The Weather Project.

Sonne by Running Guy
© Running Guy

“It initially started as a concept for Zumtobel in 2018 – they manufacture high-quality architectural lighting, but then we took it further a bit later” says the studio

Skillfully made as one single piece – the parts of this minimalistic object aesthetically complement each other. 

Featuring an all aluminum housing and counterweight – the diameter of the light panel is 50cm and the height is respectively 170cm.

© Running Guy

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