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Spire Planter stackable planter is made from 100% recycled waste material

Behind the Spire Planter, there’s a company with the mission to change the way we bring nature into our everyday life and how traditional planters are designed and produced.

The Spire Planter is fully recyclable, giving it a circular life cycle, that reduces the carbon footprint to a bare minimum. What some people see as trash can actually be a valuable resource.

Each year an average person of the western world produces between 85 – 105 kg (187 lb – 231 lb) of plastic waste. The majority of which comes from disposable plastics. Most plastic ends up being burned, with only a small percentage being recycled.

Spire Planter is made of a 100% Recycled LDPE from Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer waste. They can collect, sort by color, shred and re-form the materials an infinite number of times without altering their properties. This results in a closed production loop and ensuring endless recyclability.

By keeping the temperatures low, the material never fully melts but becomes hot enough to change shape. The result is incredibly durable yet with a soft tactile touch and a strong graphic identity. Each piece is one of a kind characterized by a unique texture and appearance.

Spire Planter is a modern apartment for plants

Turning to the architectural solution of the problem; volume versus space, Spire Planter found inspiration from the principle of urban social living, where we ‘stack people’ by living top on top, side by side.

Plants are social beings

In many ways, plants are similar to humans – they don’t just need water, food, and a place to live, but a social space surrounded by other plants – yet we tend to plant them alone. Spire Planter’s unique design makes it as much a sculpture as it is a planter.

The company set out to not only create a highly functional and sustainable planter but to create an innovative and artistic way of bringing nature into people’s lives. Where traditional single planters often take up a lot of space – the more plants you want, the less space is left. Spire Planter provides you with the opportunity to keep more plants by exploiting vertical space. This allows you to achieve a greater volume of greenery at a much lower cost.

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The word Spire in English relates to both the highest point on a building or, in Danish, a young plant. The dual meaning relates to Spire’s dual purpose as both a functional product and a beautiful object.

Before humans evolved and started gathering in large cities, we lived with nature. In small settlements, we hunted, and we mastered agriculture. We lived like this for more than 100,000 years but, in the last 100 years, our lives have changed dramatically. We are farther from nature than we have ever been, and our public and private spaces are increasingly deprived of plants. This contributes to chronic unhappiness, stress, and poorer quality of air.

While our homes are now smaller than ever, there has been no innovation in the options for growing plants indoors. Traditional single planters take up a lot of valuable space; the more plants you want, the less space is left.

Spire Planter thought there had to be a better way to bring plants into people’s lives. In order to create the best possible design, they researched how people relate to nature in city life. They noted how, as humans, we like to collect and store things making use of vertical space with as little footprint as possible. This understanding of order not only makes sense, but it’s also visually pleasing.

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In order to create the best possible design, they researched how people live and interact with nature in city life, whether in their homes or workspaces – © Spire Planter
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