This fascinating project develops biomaterials as an alternative for the use of local waste

Sustrato by ​​Andrea De la Peña brilliantly focuses its efforts on the usage of pineapple industry waste.

Focusing its efforts on the usage of pineapple industry waste ‘Sustrato’ by ​​Andrea De la Peña – skillfully aims to develop biomaterials as an alternative for the management and use of local waste. 

Demonstrating the economic value and potential of organic waste to be used as raw material – Sustrato makes use of ancient knowledge and techniques for material production.

“We are focused on the usage of pineapple leaves, as they represent the main residue of pineapple production and 75% of the harvested product.

For the development process – we use leaves from Ciudad Isla, Veracruz as a raw material since it is one of the main pineapple producing regions in Mexico” says Andrea.

This extraordinary project takes up existing knowledge in ancestral material fabrication techniques and through its experimentation with pineapple waste develops a range of one-of-a-kind biomaterials.

© Andrea De la Peña

At first – the agglomerated material and felt are made from pineapple leaves fiber. 

Both materials demonstrate great properties for sound reduction and rebound and can reduce more than 10db of sound, while similar products on the market (synthetic and natural) can only reduce about 4db. 

Therefore, acoustic applications were designed with these materials. 

Additionally – the rope is also made out of fiber and is very resistant, softer as well as lighter than similar ropes on the market.

The bioplastic is lastly fabricated from pineapple leaf bagasse and natural binders. 

It’s a permeable, translucent material and its degradation time takes less than 2 years, which makes it an ideal material for solid products packaging. 

“In addition, its properties allow sealing the packages with heat and humidity, so no extra additives are required” Andrea adds.

© Andrea De la Peña
© Andrea De la Peña


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