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Fine lines, tiny dots: geometric wallpapers for minimal decor

Points, lines, surfaces, form and angles come together in modern geometric wallpaper, a trend all about patterns and striking shapes. We explored in detail through the styles of Italian wallpaper company Tecnografica.

From intricate mosaics found in ancient mosques to the architectural friezes of Greek temples, geometry has a rich history in interior design and architecture. Some of the oldest examples can be traced in tribal art with complex patterns decorating buildings and interior design throughout the years. 

Geometric patterns have never really gone out of fashion. A tried and tested trend that really has stood the test of time, the various iterations we are familiar with in modern interior design can be typically linked to three aesthetic styles – Art Deco, Mid-Century and Contemporary, with points, lines, surfaces, form, shape, and angles coming together in each. 

Geometrics have a unique way of evoking the senses and adding character to space. From furniture shape to furniture fabrics, chequered floors and tiled splash-backs, detailed rugs, wall art, and decorative objects, geometry finds life in the myriad of ways you can introduce them. Often used to create interest in minimal interiors, geometric patterns can be complementary to neutral colour palettes and a great way to change up a blank canvas. 

Tecnografica Geometric Wallpaper - CUBOLIBRE
Tecnografica’s geometric wallpaper Cubolibre

Another great way of adding impact with geometrics is through wallpaper, blending pattern, sophistication and a striking visual appeal. Whether you prefer fine lines or large prints, monochrome or contrasting colours, wallpaper is an easy and changeable option when it comes to decorating and it doesn’t take away from the space. In this article, we explore an array of geometric designs crafted by Tecnografica.

A leader in the field of wallcoverings, since 1992 Tecnografica’s mission has been to offer its customers the best in terms of design and technology. Built on a passion for graphic design and freehand drawing, it stands out because of the handmade approach employed by its designers and the customisation potential it offers.

Tecnografica offers its customers the best design and technology through exquisite wallpapers, find out how their nature-inspired wallpapers bring happiness and wellbeing indoor.

Tecnografica Geometric Wallpaper - GUELPH
Tecnografica’s geometric wallpaper Guelfa by Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti

Reproducing the rustic flavour typical of natural materials and handmade products, Tecnografica combines a cutting-edge graphic detection technology intertwined with the designers’ experience.‎ These artists make highly artistic and technological graphics accessible to everyone in the form of wallpapers, their personality, and final effect enhanced with high-quality finishes. Tecnografica’s customisation service allows the creation of geometric graphics unique to a particular project, or you can choose styles available as part of its permanent collection.


Part of Tecnografica’s new collection Superminimal, fine lines find form in Archetipo, a wallpaper perfect for contemporary spaces or to add a twist to more traditional interiors. Available in four muted colour-ways, a series of arrow-shaped lines are combined with a slight gradient to create an elegant yet subtle impact.

Tecnografica Geometric Wallpaper - ARCHETIPO
Archetipo, Tecnografica’s geometric wallpaper and part of the Superminimal collection


Dot is characterised by a similarly light graphic that creates a 3D visual effect. A repeating pattern of lines come together to form an arrangement of cubes joined together by a series of dots in various shapes. This particular style is available in three colour ways: negative, positive white, and positive petroleum blue. 

Tecnografica’s geometric wallpaper Dot is characterized by a light graphic that creates a 3D visual effect


Triangular shards are irregularly placed in Area, strikingly set in various arrangements to create prism-like shapes. The peculiarity of this pattern lies in the colour variations of each graphic: pale pink and green, bright orange and grey, golden yellow, and turquoise.

Tecnografica’s geometric wallpaper Area displays triangular shards strikingly set in various arrangements to create prism-like shapes


Multiple patterns make up the Hideout wallpapers by Up Studio for Tecnografica’s Art Collections. A repeating pattern of rectangles comes together to form what seems like a window: a vibrant hue draws the viewer’s gaze deeper into the design. The second has a retro-feel defined by circular elements. Both are available in a series of colour ways. 

The Hideout wallpapers by Up Studio for Tecnografica’s Art Collections displays a repeating pattern of rectangles that comes together to form what seems like a window


Another style that uses fine lines to create a subtle geometry is Eva by Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti for Tecnografica’s Art Collections. Markings run parallel from the base until the top of the surface. Meanwhile, halfway down the design, a zigzag formation begins, increasing in proximity with each new line. Eva is available in gold, grey, and degrade.

The geometric wallpaper Eva by Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti is part of Tecnografica’s Art Collections


Finally, we have Major Tom, a bold and graphic take on geometric print. If you’re looking for a more statement design to become a focal point within a room this one is perfect. In what feels like a modern take on Bauhaus, oversized shapes are layered on top of one another following a repeating structure of invisible squares

Looking for inspiration? Check out how these home interiors come to life through Tecnografica’s wallpapers.

Tecnografica’s wallpaper Major Tom is a bold and graphic take on geometric print

The beauty of wallpaper is its ability to bring several different attributes to a room. As well as texture and a complementary colour palette, wallpaper can bring a striking pattern into what feels like a blank canvas room. Tecnografica‘s geometric styles use the precision of graphic lines and the intensity of full colors to reproduce striking 3D effects.‎ Lines, angles, volumes, and colors are combined in order to find an individual interpretation of shapes and spaces.‎ 

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