An absolute disruptor within the at-home fitness category

Designed by Level for Tempo – the Tempo Studio is a state-of-the-art in-home weight training platform.

As the world came to grips with a pandemic, Tempo innovatively launched its first offering designed by Level, the ‘Tempo Studio’ – a state-of-the-art in-home weight training platform providing immersive real-time coaching from world-class trainers via innovative, room-scale 3D spatial mapping technology.

Level is a women-led industrial studio brilliantly specializing in designing human centered hardware and they distill complex new technologies into intuitive products that improve lives and stand the test of time.

“When Tempo came to us to imagine their next set of products, it was the concept of “living in the home” which was brought forward.

We focused on developing unifying elements across the offering – clean geometry, contoured silhouettes, a grounded stance as well as consistent, complementary colors, materials and finishes. This foundation shaped the Tempo product family!” says Level. 

The Tempo product suite skillfully features six key hardware products in addition to the original Tempo Studio.

Tempo Studio by Level for Tempo
© Level for Tempo

At first, the Bench is a professional grade workout bench with an effortlessly adjustable backrest that can withstand a 500 pound box squat, while folding away flat for easy storage. 

The Squat Rack is collapsible to a form that can be stored as one might a pair of skis, its A-frame stance and minimal profile leans into an almost-symmetrical form.

Aimed at heavy lifters, Weight Storage houses optional 25lb and 45lb weight plates. 

Kettlebell is tested and refined to be easy on hands big and small, the soft, controlled profile of the handle is designed for seamless comfort and sets a unique icon for the object. 

Additionally, the Weight Collars focuses on a clean, circular form. By adjusting the mechanism, Level developed an easy open-and-close action with a hinge that provides ample room to slide the collar on and off. 

Lastly, the Tempo Move is an alternative to Tempo’s original Studio. The Move leverages one’s iPhone to capture workouts, connecting directly to their TV. 
“In a short two years Tempo has become an absolute disruptor within the at-home fitness category as the consumers go-to choice” Level adds.

Tempo Studio by Level for Tempo
© Level for Tempo
© Level for Tempo


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