This object lives between a tool and an eclectic piece of décor

Exploring the possibilities of design through material and function, Gonçalo Campos crafts a truly one-of-kind watering vase – Twig.

Known for his mix of humor and pragmatism, Portuguese product designer Gonçalo Campos fabricates ‘Twig’ – a conceptual watering vase based on the brilliant exploration of typologies and materials.

Through the rational use of materials and production methods – his alluring work tends to find simple but surprising solutions. 

“I’ve always been deeply interested in products – from vacuum cleaners to windshield wipers. Naturally, this led to figuring out how things were made and who were the people behind those ingenious solutions.

This innate curiosity led me to study how we shape objects and I started my own practice developing a series of products, which allowed me the freedom to keep discovering” says Campos. 

Twig by Gonçalo Campos

Taking cues from nature, Twig is a direct and effective stunning object made to be used and proudly displayed.

Thoroughly developed from the start – the material, shape and proportions of this lifestyle product were tested with numerous models and prototypes to arrive at the perfect result. 

Skillfully made in organic earthware – a material for decorative vases and other vessels – its minimalistic shape with a Scandinavian aesthetic is tactile, clearly made for using.

Fuss-free while gripping, not too heavy when full and easy to pour – by dispensing with the typical handle, the spout, grip and opening are effortlessly linked in one seamless shape.

“In developing this form, it was important that it relates to the natural world and yet not be too literal. I wanted the shape to reflect a mix of human rationality and botanical beauty” Campos adds. 

© Gonçalo Campos
© Gonçalo Campos


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