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Can shelving be art? Tylko and Andrés Reisinger merge the ethereal and everyday

Bring in the virtual world of Andrés Reisinger into your living space with Tylko’s Unlimited Edition furniture and yes – it comes in dreamy “Reisinger Pink”

Beautifully blurring the boundaries between furniture and collectable art, Tylko joins forces with Andrés Reisinger to launch Unlimited Edition – Tylko’s groundbreaking ongoing artist collaboration offering bespoke shelving stamped with the artist’s badge.

Born in 2015 by Polish entrepreneurs Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski, Mikołaj Molenda and Benjamin Kuna – Tylko enables creative consumers to digitally design their dream furniture to fit their eclectic but one-of-a-kind living space and needs. 

Tylko joins forces with Andrés Reisinger to launch Unlimited Edition
Unlimited Edition, Tylko x Andrés Reisinger

Disrupting the way products are designed and made, they embrace the infinite worlds of individuals, while respecting the one we all live in.

Madrid and Barcelona-based digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger is – on the other hand – is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21st Century who’s conquered a unique position in contemporary culture, occupying and defining the fertile space between the digital and physical spheres. 

Conveying a mesmerizingly clear vision, he harmoniously bridges realms with an instantly recognizable and soothingly alluring aesthetic and invites the viewer on this journey. 

Tylko x Andrés Reisinger
Unlimited Edition, Tylko x Andrés Reisinger

Tylko x Reisinger is the first in this series that resists and rebels against classic limited edition sales models intended to manufacture scarcity and prompt panic purchases.

Challenging old category rules and enabling consumers to digitally craft their whimsical living space – this creative partnership is the perfect fit for a future-facing brand intent on reimagining everyday spaces into works of living art with the help of digital technology.

An introduction of the “Reisinger Pink” to Tylko’s portfolio and available across Europe, this collaboration offers consumers the chance to alter their existing spaces into a personalized version of Andrés Reisinger’s signature pastel-hued work of art. 

A game-changer, isn’t it? 

Tylko x Andrés Reisinger
Unlimited Edition, Tylko x Andrés Reisinger

“Most people regard shelves as mere utilities; their purpose is to hold things and that’s about it. However, by incorporating dream-like elements, such as the ethereal Reisinger Pink, we’re adding layers of meaning that elevate these pieces from storage solutions to the performance of specific cultural acupuncture.  The thrill of merging the surreal and the everyday lies in the power to transform people’s experience of commonplace objects and by extension, their living spaces!” Reisinger shares. 

Applying a future-facing, tech-forward approach, Tylko’s first-of-its-kind app uses augmented reality to push the boundaries of bespoke design allowing shoppers to seamlessly customize fit, color and size before manufacturing each product using consciously-sourced, premium materials from across Europe. 

Tylko joins forces with Andrés Reisinger to launch Unlimited Edition
Tylko x Andrés Reisinger

“Tylko’s Unlimited Edition brings an inclusivity and accessibility to signature design that we fully support – each collaboration is almost like an artist-in-residence at Tylko. Andrés Reisinger is the first of many but he’s the natural choice for our first partnership, because just like him, we are born of tech-enabled design and we share an interest in occupying the space between the digital and physical.

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits. Like him, we celebrate the “unclassifiable” by pushing possibilities. Andrés’ aesthetic felt like a bold leap to take our sometimes more technical and parametric problem solving!” Tylko Founder, Jacek Majewski adds. 

Built to last a lifetime the Tylko x Reisinger Unlimited Edition marks a bold new era in customizable furniture, offering consumers not only the ability to effortlessly fit it to their living space and their needs but choose the artist that embodies their aesthetic vision.



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