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Designed by MVRDV for EDGE Technologies – Valley is a contemporary and striking building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district perfectly fulfilling its sustainability ambitions.

Brilliantly designed by MVRDV for EDGE Technologies – ‘Valley’ is a contemporary and striking building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district that derives its name from the publicly accessible terraced valley that is spread out in-between its three mixed-use towers. 

Perfectly fulfilling its sustainability ambitions –  this 75,000m2 biophilic mixed-use project features apartments, offices, shops, cultural institutes as well as a creative center and further includes an alluring park skillfully created by world renowned architect Piet Oudolf. 

At the heart of it all, Valley boasts a vibrant atrium – where all can harmoniously come together to meet and connect.


With its stunning architecture and landscape comprising rugged stone terraces, bay-windows as well as balconies covered in dense planting and vegetation – it brings much-needed eye-catching greenery to the area. 

By strategically placing the residential volumes on top of the multifunctional plinth and pushing them to the very edge of the envelope, the resulting volume reads as one single entity. 

In additionally mirroring the corporate surroundings by its reflecting geometric glass exterior façade – the design acknowledges its corporate heritage and visually connects to its immediate neighbors. 

Through this beautiful opposing treatment, the duality of the resulting volume which is reminiscent of a carved out block, is expressed through – the corporate versus the residential. 

“Our design aesthetic for Valley aims to emphasize the contrast between the corporate history and the more residential future of the Zuidas” says MVRDV

Valley by MVRDV

Valley by MVRDV


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