Varden cabin, the seamless beauty in the northernmost city of the world

As carbon footprint levels break all time records in 2018, buildings in the U.S. today consume nearly 40% of national energy. This has set off a cultural shift in the sector, as architects are looking beyond mere aesthetics. They now pledge to design sustainable buildings more than ever.

Varden is a beautifully designed hiking cabin that accentuates the boundless nature of Norway’s Hammerfest, the northernmost city in the world. It gives a perfect feeling of disconnection, away from the usual tourist trails.

 Varden hiking cabin, Interior Design

Varden was built by SPINN Architects in collaboration with Format Engineers. Inspired by the natural landscape of Hammerfest, it seamlessly blends with its terrain, depicting a huge rock. Varden is not only soothing to the eye but also strategically designed to stay clear of snow and to lower the wind impact thanks to its “round” shape.

 Varden Landscape, Hammerfest

To achieve perfect assembly of the prefabricated structure, the overall shape and the platform of the cabin are moulded based on a 3D laser scan of the designated area of construction. The exterior wood panels are crafted with the Japanese sho-shugi-ban method to ensure optimal weather resistance.

Cabin's technical details

Varden is made of sustainable materials leaving zero carbon footprint. In an era where environmental consciousness becomes central to society, the Varden hiking cabin empowers people to pursue a sustainable construction ethic.

Hiking Hammerfest
Varden hiking cabin - exterior design, sho-shugi-ban technique
Sunset view Varden, Hammerfest
Mesmerizing view from inside cabin
Hiking cabin