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A heater that keeps you cool by Viomi

Home appliances are getting drastically digitized, influencing every aspect of the household: consumer electronics are expected to account for 63% of all installed IoT units by 2020

Viomi is a Chinese brand that develops an ecosystem of IoT-enabled home accessories. Their countertop ceramic heater presents a modern and clean design in addition to smooth functionalities and user experience.

The prominent orange stripe and sleek look of the heater make it a pleasing electric appliance honing the home environment. The automatic rotation is activated with one touch, providing a 45-degree wide-angle range of action. It also features anti-slip pads to ensure stability on different surfaces.

Viomi counter top ceramic heater with home ambiance
Viomi ceramic heater

Apart from heating for cold winters, the Viomi ceramic heater is a smart device that also acts as a fan for the summertime. So small to stay in the palm of your hand, featuring a 600W high-power ceramic heating system, it heats up to 40-degree celsius.

The carbon activated honeycomb sponge is integrated into the design to cut down incoming dust particles and prevent unpleasant mishaps.

Compact heater
Viomi ceramic heater

Interestingly, this ceramic heater is closely connected to the world of mobile phones. In August 2018, Chinese phone producer Xiomi got directly involved with the young IoT specialist Viomi supporting its launch on the US stock market.

The two companies have a unique alliance as strategic partners with mutually beneficial arrangements. Viomi benefits from Xiaomi’s ecosystem users, market and data resources; on the other hand, Xiomi has access to Viomi’s deep R&D knowledge.


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