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Wallpapers shaping the experience offered by restaurants & bars

The use of wallpapers in restaurants and bars impacts instantly the overall ambiance and character of interiors. We explored in detail through the projects of Italian wallpaper company Tecnografica.

As the offering of eateries expands in diversified directions accommodating the ever-growing preferences of consumers, restaurants and bars strive to stand out among competitors and solidify their image, looking for the right angle to communicate with their ideal customers’ group.

There are multiple elements that add up to shape the overall identity of food & beverage businesses. Leaving aside what is not of our concern, such as recipes or ingredients quality, we can definitely focus on a component crucial to determine the success of restaurants or bars: the interior design factor.

Consuming food is an experience that develops over an extended period of time: transporting customers deep inside the brand universe should be a top priority for all interior designers operating in the food & beverage sector.

Tecnografica - Emotion by Giorgia Beltrami
Tecnografica’s Emotion by Giorgia Beltrami wallpaper was used to create a stimulating visual experience

Way before ordering and serving food, the moment a new customer walks through the restaurant’s door opens up many chances to involve him or her with the brand: every interaction or visual stimulus is an opportunity to transport people inside the restaurant’s mood, creating a complete experience which triggers all senses at once.

“Eating” involves various moments besides the act of food consumption: waiting for a table, then for the waiter, then for the food, the social interaction while eating, more waiting for additional courses and finally some moments of pure relaxation when the meal is done.

The quality and the memories of all these moments collateral to the eating one is the responsibility of the interior designer. In this article, we have decided to focus on one specific interior design element that provides highly impactful results when it comes to defining the mood and identity of a space. We explore the use of wallpapers in restaurants and bars thanks to Italian wallpaper company Tecnografica and their countless realizations across the globe.

Do you know that Tecnografica creates most of its graphics and illustrations starting from hand drawing? Read the full story of this Italian wallpaper company and its unique realizations.

Tecnografica - Alberi zen by the Sign
Tecnografica’s Alberi Zen by The Sign was used to complement the space, the mood and the identity of the restaurant

Wallpapers represent a tool that instantly confers specific character with a solution that is not space intrusive, differently from furniture and structural elements, and can surround the customer entirely, from floor to ceiling, including the latter.

Visual stimulation is what we are most sensitive to, the representation of the brand through images, graphics, and illustrations on the walls absorb customers in a complete environment. A further refinement is gained by a careful choice among different finishes of wallpapers available, including a soundproof one capable of reducing noises and reducing echos or reverberation effects, extremely relevant for businesses that host many customers at once and observe unavoidable noises while operating.

Wallpapers can have a big influence on the overall experience of restaurants and cafes, providing far greater means of expression than simply full-color painted walls, especially when considering the complete customization service by Tecnografica: from the adaptation of available graphics to the creation of new ones from scratch, interior designers gain total control over the walls’ communicative potential, resulting not only visible by customers entering the space, but also by passersby from outside of the eatery peaking through its windows.

Enoha by Studio Paolo Albano

Awarded among 100 Progetti Italiani (100 Italian Projects) by RDE, Enoha restaurant in Como was entirely wrapped in Sinbad wallpaper to offer a luxurious environment. The warm tones connect with the brass details of the light fixtures and the wooden floor while hanging plants contribute to defining a pleasant and gracious environment. The non-uniform pattern of the wallpaper also creates a dynamic and natural feel in the eatery.

Signorizza by Luxury Projects

When designing Signorizza restaurant in Florence, studio Luxury Projects decided to exploit the full expressive potential of wallpaper design through the use of references to classical artworks, creating a connection with the city and its artistic heritage. The result is an interesting contrast between modern furniture and lighting pieces on one hand, and the large scale classical imagery on the other, for a characteristic and original end-result.

Tecnografica - Signorizza

Dinky by Unica Arredamenti

In order to set a distinctive ambiance for a refined dining experience without resulting classical and expected, Dinky restaurant is decorated with a selection of wallpapers that cover almost entirely the walls of the interior, spanning from abstract graphics to nature-referencing ones. The large prints reveal an original design touch and definitely iconic statement through the whole space.

Tecnografica - Dinky
Dinky restaurant uses Tecnografica’s wallpaper to cover the walls giving a statement and original touch through its design

Bar Jera by My Artist Lab

Transforming a small space into a pleasant environment can be tricky, especially when a lot of people need to access and spend time in it. The application of the Polly wallpaper by Tecnografica in this bar in Valencia, Spain, has a liberating effect as the nature-inspired theme creates a surreal scenario where the light blue background perfectly integrates with the original intense-blue painted ceiling.

Tecnografica - Bar Jera interior