We Are Rewind is re-making the cassette tape players

A french start-up decided to bring the cassette player back. Why? Because the cassette tape is back

The idea came to We Are Rewind after a year of riding a wave of 80s nostalgia, first started by the movie «Gardians of the Galaxy », and even the show « Stranger Things » and so they decided to re-make cassette tape players.

The team looked around them to find someone to join them on this adventure. And they found a French company right outside of Paris specialized in making high-quality audio materials.

Orange Player by We Are Rewind
© We Are Rewind

After several months of attempts and reflection, We Are Rewind finally agreed on a design that is at once clean, crisp and classy. Regarding the materials, they wanted it to be cool to the touch, with impeccable finishes, so they avoided plastic. They went for an aluminum exterior. On the functionality side, they also set a very high bar.

First, they got rid of the disposable batteries, which they changed for a rechargeable lithium battery, which is more practical and cost-effective.

They also integrated bluetooth capability on top of the 3.5 jack connector. They also added a recording function to be able to create our own mixed tapes… the most romantic Saint Valentine’s gift.

Orange Player by We Are Rewind
© We Are Rewind

We Are Rewind is a crazy bet: to allow nostalgic people, music lovers, design enthusiasts and all those who think that music is also made to be touched with the finger, to live or relive an incomparable listening experience.” states the company on their official website.

We Are Rewind: the background behind this ‘crazy’ yet magic idea

We Are Rewind, a company with the collaboration of seasoned French engineers boasting over 40 years of analog experience, particularly within the Thomson company, partnered with ORA, a specialist in high-end audio and sound equipment development. Their objective is straightforward: to introduce a high-end cassette player featuring a sleek and minimalist design inspired by the original Sony Walkman.

© We Are Rewind

However, We Are Rewind encountered a twofold challenge. Firstly, they faced the difficulty of sourcing the necessary mechanical components for the (re)manufacturing of cassette players, as most factories had ceased production over a decade ago. Secondly, the issue of regularly replacing batteries arose. The solution emerged swiftly and naturally: the player would operate using a rechargeable battery.

This approach offered greater convenience, aligned with ecological values, and marked a world-first achievement. Moreover, to cater to individual listening preferences, this 2.0 player would also include Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. The question then became whether to enjoy vintage tapes with or without wires. And there was an added bonus – they incorporated a recording function, allowing customers to create their own customized mixtapes, making it an ideal, romantic Valentine’s Day gift.


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