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Ceramics and wallcoverings collide in the phygital world of Mimesi

The exhibit invites visitors to experience an unprecedented fusion of two timeless art forms—wallpaper and ceramics—during Milan Design Week 2024.

Located on Corso Garibaldi, in the heart of the Brera Design District, the Mimesi installation brings together two iconic Italian companies: Zambaiti Parati, specialized in the wallcoverings sector with wallpapers and digitals panels, and Gruppo Bardelli, a master in ceramics.

On occasion of Milan Design Week, the design duo will offer a breathtaking display of infinite reflections and vibrant colors, courtesy of the interplay between their two crafts. Together, wall coverings and ceramics form a captivating street showcase and a lounge-style hub for gatherings and discussions during the event. 

The installation reflects both brands’ dedication to materials and technology—at its core is a curated showcase featuring wallpaper panels and ceramic tiles, showcasing the companies’ latest collections. 

1. EDEN Collection by Gruppo Bardelli _ American Bar
EDEN Collection by Gruppo Bardelli, American Bar

“The reflection of the M in Mimesi symbolizes the two souls of the projects, the absence of parts of the font enhances the partnership dialogue, overall, the word is complete with meaning,” a press release reads.

Zambaiti Parati unveils two new natural wallcovering collections: Atelis, a two-part collection by AMDL CIRCLE, renowned for humanistic architecture, and the other by Metrogramma, a Milan-based design firm.

Meanwhile, Gruppo Bardelli with its brand Appiani presents the new EDEN and Pastelli collections at the event alongside a wider range of ceramic tiles, including Trame, Clayborn, Lines, Cromatica, Tubes, Zip, and Palladiana, blending functionality with aesthetic harmony…

Atelis Collection by Zambaiti Parati: a symphony of sustainable craftsmanship

Zambaiti Parati has collaborated with renowned design studios Metrogramma and AMDL CIRCLE to redefine the essence of wallpaper craftsmanship. The two studios have partnered with Zambaiti on the development of the new Atelis collection, guided by two key design principles: first, the careful selection of premium and natural materials intended to distinguish the collection within the market sector. 

3. Atelis _ Reverie of Rural Landscapes by AMDL Circle for Zambaiti Parati
Atelis Collection by AMDL Circle for Zambaiti Parati

Second, a commitment to creativity aimed at enhancing the expressive potential of these materials through the use of hand-drawn matrices, reminiscent of art silk screens or lithographs, before being printed. 

The outcome is a collection of wallpapers crafted from rice starch and pure linens, characterized by their natural elegance and artisanal authenticity. Designed as genuine artisanal boiserie, these wallpapers feature imperfect yet deliberate details and motifs that underscore the inherent value of handmade craftsmanship.

The Atelis project is divided into two collections, developed in parallel by Metrogramma and AMDL CIRCLE:

Atelis’ Homage to Heritage

Under the visionary guidance of Metrogramma, Atelis pays homage to the timeless art of sewing, of which there are two approaches: the first is to join detached parts, the second is to decorate surfaces with the designs.

Atelis Collection by Metrogramma for Zambaiti Parati

“The first collection, signed by Metrogramma, identifies the main design theme in the history of stitching. The idea is to return graphic motifs that recall the art of sewing, transforming it into precious artisanal, manual, and decorative papers,” shares Zambaiti Parati.

Drawing inspiration from ancient stitching techniques and prehistoric man, Metrogramma’s designs intricately weave together graphic motifs reminiscent of hand-sewn textiles. Utilizing embossed papers crafted from Pareti Vive, a patented rice starch material and boiserie-shaped panels in pure linen, Metrogramma creates a tapestry of textures that evoke a sense of artisanal elegance and sophistication.

2. Atelis _ Homage to Heritage by Metrogramma for Zambaiti Parati
Atelis Collection by Metrogramma for Zambaiti Parati

At the heart of this bespoke process is the Zambaiti CreativeLab, a design, research and customer service laboratory, which is responsible for developing the brand’s collections, including the patented Pareti Vive, a sustainable and made-to-measure system developed from rice starch, an entirely natural substrate chosen to promote the well-being and healthiness of every room.

Pareti Vive, which translates to living walls, can be produced in rotogravure or digital print, and can be used in various areas as long as they are not subject to humidity and damp.

Reverie of Rural Landscapes

Elsewhere, AMDL CIRCLE infuses the Atelis collection with the rustic charm of rural landscapes. Inspired by the earthy hues and organic textures of the countryside, AMDL CIRCLE’s designs transport viewers to idyllic pastoral settings. Textured papers adorned with hand-drawn motifs and subtle imperfections breathe life into each composition, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through rolling hills and sun-kissed meadows.

Atelis Collection by AMDL Circle for Zambaiti Parati

“The gesture of plowing the fields guides the creative process, a symbol of the bond between man and the earth: the pigments were ‘raked’ on the drawing sheets with wooden combs with different types of teeth – wide or narrow, square or pointed – creating a language of lines, tangles, and shapes inspired by the furrows of cultivated fields, hedges, and rows of trees observed from the sky,” explains Zambaiti Parati.

Chosen natural colors like earthy reds, yellows, blues, and greens blend to create serene atmospheres, enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow from surface embossing. Hand-drawn motifs add a human touch, with imperfections adding a sense of preciousness. 

2. Atelis _ Reverie of Rural Landscapes by AMDL Circle for Zambaiti Parati
Atelis Collection by AMDL Circle for Zambaiti Parati

These hues and textures were digitally manipulated to create graphic effects for decorating rice starch wallpaper surfaces. The result: walls that bring the tranquility of nature indoors, fostering a deep connection to the planet.

EDEN Collection: a tribute to timeless beauty

Appiani, brand of Gruppo Bardelli, renowned for its exquisite ceramic mosaics, unveils the EDEN collection—a celebration drawing inspiration from the historic floor of Treviso’s iconic Eden Theatre. With a focus on reinterpreting traditional ceramic techniques for the modern era, the collection pays homage to Appiani’s rich heritage, conveyed in an instantly recognisable, hexagonal geometry.

Reimagined through Appiani’s meticulous craftsmanship, the collection features an array of mosaic tiles in 18 soft and dusty tones. Each tile, meticulously mounted on 30x30cm sheets, explores an interesting interplay of color, texture, and form. 

EDEN Collection by Gruppo Bardelli, Shop

Each piece is available in both polished and matte finishes, meticulously achieved through Appiani factory’s exclusive technology. Known as “monopressocottura,” this production technique enables Appiani to create ceramic products with dry-pressed glazes and clays. The high firing temperature ensures the products possess exceptional qualities of durability, strength, and frost resistance, making them ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications as flooring and covering.

“EDEN presents a masterful exploration of hues, organized in groups of three to seamlessly blend together, ensuring flawless harmony among color tones. This array offers professionals and architects endless possibilities for pairing, allowing for creative and versatile design solutions,” explains Appiani.

3. EDEN Collection by Gruppo Bardelli _ Bakery
EDEN Collection by Gruppo Bardelli, Bakery

Through the Artist’s Eyes

“Mimesi, with its dreamlike meaning of “representing reality through the artist’s eyes”, takes on a new concept at the corporate level, in a reinterpretation of design through creations of the wallpapers for Zambaiti Parati and ceramics for Gruppo Bardelli,” the press release reades. 

At the center of the installation is the previously mentioned hub, otherwise known as The Mimesi panel, epitomizing collaboration and creativity with an evolving schedule of events due to take place during Milan Design Week. 

From innovative wallpaper curtains to versatile ceramic boiserie, Mimesi offers a glimpse into the future of interior decoration—a harmonious fusion of ceramics and wallpaper celebrating the artistry of two iconic Italian brands.

Mimesi will take place in corso Garibaldi 46 from April 15 – 21 2024. The space will be open from 9.00 – 19.00.


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