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​​Inspired by a zipper – this product adds an alluring pop of color to your space

Finding the right harmony between material and functionality, Deniz Aktay crafts an extraordinary metal Zipper Bookshelf.

Deeply inspired by the appearance of a zipper and the beautiful analogy of opening a book where the pages diverge – Germany-based designer Deniz Aktay fabricates an eclectic metal ‘Zipper Bookshelf’.

“My demand for originality, simplicity, appropriate use of all materials involved, proper element joining, detailing – make crafting a new piece an extremely interesting challenge every single time” says Aktay.

The multitudinous aspects of creating, forming and designing have always been an important aspect in his creative work.

Zipper Bookshelf by Deniz Aktay
© Deniz Aktay

“I really liked the idea of a well-sorted bookshelf breaking apart at some point, not to generate chaos but  – to give access to eye-catching ways of placing books, highlighting as well as giving them the meaning and position they should have in one’s interiors” he adds.

This minimalistic piece of décor seamlessly integrates a vibrant pop of color and brilliantly features storage areas on the upper parts – letting one’s books to be arranged in a special way.

With its dissolving walls – the conceptual shelf further gets lighter and lets one access more space or volume in order to store books.

Its skillful metal aesthetic is practical, allowing it to bend and be perfectly stable.

“Due to its weight, it additionally comprises a heavy core area preventing the construction from falling over” says Aktay.

© Deniz Aktay
Zipper Bookshelf by Deniz Aktay
© Deniz Aktay


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