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This Dutch studio offers the sofa as a service

A Lott of Space is a furniture service based on flatpack futureproof sofas, which consumers can buy, borrow and swap.

Rapid urbanisation, nomadic lifestyles and rising housing prices are driving consumers into new forms of communal living. As such, we’re seeing new directions in the development and consumption of domestic furniture, like A Lott of Space, which offers flexibility and convenience.

A Lott of Space founder Charlotte van der Lande has unveiled a modular sofa system that adopts circular economic principles. Currently available in the Netherlands where it is produced locally, it consists of modules with a simple frame and upholstered cushions that can be combined in various configurations and adapted to changing needs.

Every component is also removable, repairable or replaceable, helping to reduce waste while extending the product’s lifespan.

The sofa combines a palette of sustainable materials including partially recycled wood and steel for the frame, and a fabric known as Cura for the upholstery, which is made from 98%  post-consumer recycled polyester. Inside, foam offcuts have been used for cushion filling. Although the sofa adheres to strict standards when it comes to circularity and sustainability, it is still incredibly customisable.

Multiple configurations include an armchair model, corner arrangements and optional chaises, and there are 12 colours to choose from when selecting the upholstery. The frame is also available in either black, pink or white.

The aim to reduce excessive human consumption, by creating a sofa that has a configurable, modular look, drove also Bjarke Ingels to design the Voxel sofa.

Sustainability is about total transparency

One of the biggest obstacles to the circular economy is transparency, which is essential for the circular economy to grow. “Getting information about the production chain is difficult and not everybody is willing or able to be transparent,” says van der Lande. That’s why the company is also working on what it calls a Material Passport, which would list the “ingredients” of a product, how they have been processed, how they can be reused and how to ultimately recycle them so that new products can be made. 

“The material passport is important to us because it helps us to communicate in a transparent way,” she adds. “This information can help [customers] to make decisions [and] ask questions to companies who say they’re sustainable but are not showing how.” At present, A Lott of Space is currently working on a sofa subscription model as well as investigating more sustainable materials to improve and expand the collection.

That modularity in furniture design can bring even more fun, shows the Magnus magnetic play couch for children.

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