Feeling watched? Adam Shen’s Home Security Camera is the solution for your privacy concerns

Designed to provide security and ensure privacy, Adam Shen created the Home Security Camera, a friendly device that gives you peace of mind with two functionalities that adapt to your needs and emotions.

We are constantly on the look for smarter products, smarter mobility, a smarter home, and of course, a smarter security system. Many solutions have been created with the promise of enhancing the security in our homes and making them safe, and while they bring us some peace of mind they also raise concerns about our personal privacy. 

The smarter our surroundings are the more the feeling of being “watched” is intensified, the same thing happens with many home security systems out there. This overwhelming feeling of having to compromise one’s privacy to ensure security and safety shouldn’t be something we should worry about and that is exactly what designer Adam Shen decided to solve with his Home Security Camera concept.

Home Security Camera - product
Home Security Camera is a concept designed by Adam Shen ensuring security and safety while avoiding the feeling of being “watched” – ©Adam Shen

How it works

By realizing and understanding the feeling of being “watched”, Shen gave us a simpler solution and actual peace of mind by creating a security camera with two adjustable functionalities you can activate with a simple gesture. The minimal and friendly design features a camera mounted on a surface that can be flipped down to be hidden away and flipped again to be turned on. This small and simple gesture alleviates any concerns users may have of being recorded at all times. 

The Chinese designer explains his reasoning behind this feature by noting that “most products on the market do not pay attention to the design of the camera itself, with hidden functions only slightly covering the lens. Users cannot know whether the camera is in use except the indicator light. By hiding the camera lens inside, the camera shows visual feedback when it is not in use to let the user quickly know whether the camera is monitoring.

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Home Security Camera - rotating
The minimal and friendly design features a camera mounted on a surface that can be flipped down to be hidden away and flipped again to be turned on – ©Adam Shen

Adaptable and respectful by nature

The Home Security Camera aims to be your privacy keeper while also ensuring your security with a beautiful design that is not only adaptable in function but also in aesthetics. Envisioned in multiple colors, the product can be placed on a shelf in any room or mounted on any wall to adjust to any user’s needs.  

Shen’s Home Security Camera is inherently respectful by design, and even though it is still a concept, we cannot wait for designers to get inspired and follow suit to design respectful, beautiful, and functional smart products like this.

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