Crystal elegance meets tea tradition: a contemporary take on conviviality

After wine and cocktails, Saint-Louis introduces tea service with three different tumblers for enjoying every nuance: the Apollo tè collection

With the guidance of tea connoisseur Lydia Gautier, the Apollo tè collection by Saint-Louis includes a Grand service à thé designed for indulgent tastings, a service à thé Charmant tailored for exceptional tea preparations, and an espresso cup catering to devoted coffee enthusiasts. The collection is complemented by porcelain and crystal accessories.

Since 1586, Saint-Louis crystal craftsmanship has safeguarded its expertise and trade secrets through an extensive heritage comprising over 650,000 documents, including technical drawings, templates, sales catalogs, and more, as well as a collection of over 7,000 items originating from the 1,200 tableware sets cataloged.

Apollo tè collection by Saint-Louis
Apollo tè by Saint-Louis, The Charming Tea Post Service and Plate

In 1979, the Apollo collection breathed fresh life into the Thistle tableware service from 1913, imbuing it with a contemporary spirit that retained its delicate aesthetics—the iconic thistle flower shape and Venetian veins. Then, in 2011, Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania Di Petrillo drew upon the same form to create a collection of lighting fixtures. Today, Apollo graces every corner of the house, enhancing every moment throughout the day.

Fast forward to 2023, Saint-Louis presents Apollo tè, introducing new creations that seamlessly blend crystal and porcelain to create a harmonious accompaniment to your tea experience. These pieces offer a one-of-a-kind journey into the world of tea, with each cup meticulously designed to elevate the nuances of your chosen tea, whether it’s a delicate infusion or a robust brew.

Apollo tè by Saint-Louis _ The Light Tea Tumbler n 1 and plate
Apollo tè by Saint-Louis, The Light Tea Tumbler n 1 and plate

And for coffee aficionados, there’s a dedicated cup just for your favorite brew. These two complementary services are bound to provide tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs with complete satisfaction.

The Grand service à thé comprises two distinct cups

A tall and slender cup designed for lighter teas, capturing the fleeting aromas of green teas, whites, or infusions while intensifying their flavor profiles.

A low and wide cup crafted for robust teas, allowing the aromatic notes of black teas, roasted varieties, or special infusions like rooibos herbal tea to aerate, revealing their full depth of aroma, first to your nose and then to your palate.

Completing the set is a generously sized teapot, a charming sugar bowl, a petite milk jug, and a dainty plate for serving sweets or as a delicate saucer.

Apollo tè by Saint-Louis, Great Tea Pot Tumbler, Full Bodied Yea Tumbler n 2 and Plates

For those indulging in exceptional teas, the service à thé Charmant is your perfect companion

This ritual involves savoring small quantities of tea in a 5 cl tea cup, where you can relish the multiple, concentrated infusions of the same tea. The teapot is meticulously designed for steeping a significant amount of tea (5 g) in a small quantity of water (15 cl). Each infusion takes just about a minute, allowing the rich diversity of flavors in grand cru teas to unfold.

And for the ardent coffee lovers among us, there’s an espresso cup at your disposal. In a nod to versatility, these sturdy yet elegant tea cups can also double as vessels for double espresso, long coffee, latte, cappuccino, and other comforting beverages.

Apollo tè collection by Saint-Louis
Apollo tè by Saint-Louis, The Tea Charming Tea Seat and Plate

Apollo tè marries two precious materials: crystal and porcelain

One exudes an opaque elegance, while the other boasts perfect translucence. Both materials possess exceptional insulating properties, keeping your hot beverages warm for an extended period. The crystal component adds a valuable visual dimension to your tasting experience.

Its transparency, coupled with the subtle relief of Venetian ribs on the cups, creates a radiant effect that accentuates the color and reflections of your tea. Porcelain, like crystal, is crafted from mineral materials fired at extremely high temperatures. Its remarkable low porosity ensures you can prepare even the finest teas without altering their aromatic essence, allowing you to switch between teas without any flavor carryover.

The magic of these two materials unfolds as your tea infuses within its porcelain cocoon, while steam condenses on the crystal lid. The true color of your tea is unveiled as you savor it from the cup. The marriage of tea and crystal is a true revelation. Tasting becomes an opulent and precious experience, elevating your tea moments to new heights of enjoyment.

Apollo tè collection by Saint-Louis
Apollo tè by Saint-Louis, The Set Duo Expresso Tumbler

Lydia Gautier: an ‘oenological’ and gastronomic approach to tea

An agronomist and tea specialist since 1995, Lydia Gautier serves as a consultant for some of the most renowned tea companies globally, sharing her profound passion for tea with both the general public and industry professionals. Her contributions encompass books, events, and specialized training courses dedicated to tea and its cultural dimensions.

Lydia has forged special bonds with ethical and authentic tea producers and is known for crafting original recipes that revolve around blends of tea and plants. As the founder of Lydia Gautier Thés & Tisanes, her eponymous brand, she offers a range of pure and naturally inspired products. For Apollo tè, Lydia played an integral role in the design of the collection, with a focus on accentuating the nuanced flavors of tea.


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