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Honoring centuries of craftsmanship: the art of rug-making

The carpet serves as the foundation for serene living, architectural stability, a cultural sanctuary, and modern-day customs. Atelier Tapis Rouge upholds the opulent heritage of rug craftsmanship, harking back for centuries.

The Milanese Atelier Tapis Rouge is a luxury rug company that preserves the centuries-old tradition of rug-making. The company’s narrative originates from ancient Persia, where a fusion of spirituality, tradition, and craftsmanship flourished. This legacy extends into modern times, manifesting in interior design projects, where it pioneers fresh expressive styles and imparts novel significance to the everyday rituals of life.

Yarn preparation - © Atelier Tapis Rouge
Yarn preparation – © Atelier Tapis Rouge

Atelier Tapis Rouge emerged from the entrepreneurial expertise of Aaron Meilech, who boasts extensive experience in classic carpet manufacturing. Drawing upon his profound knowledge of rug history, symbolism, commercial dynamics, and techniques, Aaron skillfully translated these elements into a modern and sustainable approach.

This transformation was greatly facilitated by his collaboration with Natalia Enze, an esteemed Architect and Designer who serves as the Head of Design for the company. Central to Tapis Rouge’s production process is a steadfast commitment to selecting high-quality, entirely natural materials. This distinctive characteristic is evident in every aspect of product research, design, and craftsmanship.

Knotting – © Atelier Tapis Rouge

In a recent development, the company unveiled its latest flagship store in Milan, strategically located within the historic Brera district. This move underscores the company’s role as a vibrant hub teeming with ideas and achievements.

The urban fabric of the Brera district, to me, represents the many faces of Milan. The narrative that connects architecture belonging to different eras is coherent and harmonious. In my opinion, Milan has a dual nature; its interiority emerges, revealing itself on the surface only through its most hidden places. It is in this dialogue between inside and outside, between internal and external, that our research on creativity and dwelling practices finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration every day.” says Natalia Enze, Atelier Tapis Rouge’s Head of Design.

Flagship store in Milan, Via Borgonuovo 26 (Brera District) – © Atelier Tapis Rouge

In the creation of their rugs, Atelier Tapis Rouge employs a range of techniques carefully crafted to enhance intricate details and diverse surfaces, ensuring they reach their utmost potential. The utilization of methods such as hand knotting, hand weaving, and carving stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.

Their production process also plays a pivotal role in sustaining a community of skilled artisan craftsmen and their families, ensuring the transmission of these ancient techniques to future generations. Much like all of Tapis Rouge’s rugs, each design is meticulously crafted to endure a lifetime, infusing homes with warmth and vitality akin to a piece of fine art.

Magenta_Tratto Collection_© Tapis Rouge
Magenta, Tratto Collection – © Tapis Rouge

Their rugs go beyond mere furnishings; they are artistic masterpieces that exalt the enduring beauty and potency of nature in all its interpretations. Both avant-garde stylistic expressions and traditional designs encapsulate the essence of superior craftsmanship and bespoke creations.


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