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An extraordinary piece of furniture born from the connection of two simplistic shapes

With a unique vision of functionality, beauty and quality – Hayo Gebauer crafts a Blur Table featuring warm beech wood, aluminum as well as glass.

Specializing in furniture, lighting and everyday things – Berlin-based designer Hayo Gebauer crafts an extraordinary ‘Blur Table’ featuring warm beech wood, aluminum as well as glass.

Through domestic objects that are long lasting – his aim is to provide a vision of functionality, beauty and quality.

“The individuality in my work is deep rooted in my upbringing; through education, socialization and the culture that surrounds me. 

I believe that fun is an essential part of life – when appropriate, I allow my playfulness to be a method to design.

Striving to have higher conceptual standards and aesthetics – these factors greatly contribute and impact  the decision-making in my creative process” says Gebauer.

© Hayo Gabauer

With the concept of this minimalistic piece of furniture based on the connection of two simple shapes, a round rod and a square bar – this alluring table beautifully conceals its construction by seamlessly utilizing a frosted glass top. 

Cleverly interlocked with each other – its eclectic geometric base is composed of round and square profiles. 

By skillfully drilling out holes in the square bars – the junctions for the rods to be placed in, is effortlessly created. 

A brilliant choice of feasible manufacturing – the connection of the two is additionally a clean and refreshingly aesthetic choice as well. 

“The Blur Table marks the start of a systematic approach – one could imagine other products in this fashion such as chairs or shelves. Also other materials could be introduced as well” Gebauer adds.  

© Hayo Gabauer
© Hayo Gabauer


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