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A little bouncy ball keeps the user of this seat ready and active

The idea is to challenge passive sitting whilst giving typically fidgety sitters something to keep them occupied.

Developed by Montreal-based industrial designer Antoine Jeraj, the Bounce stool is focused on satisfying the sitter’s need to fidget.

It incorporates a bouncing ball beneath its seat and a flexibly plywood structure so that users can bounce whilst they rest. 

Bounce by Antoine Jeraj
© Antoine Jeraj

The solution-based concept is built from a piece of wood with an elastic profile, comprising a curved seat rest and chair legs.

Three footrests connect the chair’s four legs, which bolster the chair’s curved seat rest that conceals the bouncy ball. 

It’s a simple design that resembles most other stools to enhance its approachability and conceal its innovative function.

The chair has a natural, wooden look too, which makes it suitable for fitting into almost any space.

Bounce by Antoine Jeraj
© Antoine Jeraj

Bounce: Increased comfort and productivity

Antoine Jeraj designed the stool to increase productivity during the workday while allowing the sitter to enjoy passive movement.

Like a fidget spinner for the body, the bounce chair proposes an innovative function that helps to keep users activated whilst getting on with daily work.

Rather than tapping your feet and bouncing your leg, the user can bounce on the seat’s ball to calm down some restlessness. 

© Antoine Jeraj
© Antoine Jeraj


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