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Named after Icelandic volcanos, inspired by romantic penguins

Made of oak, powder-coated metal, and electroplated candle cup, available in 12 colors

The inspiration for these candle holders – named Laki and Katla – was taken from a pair of romantic penguins.

Based in Copenhagen, the Icelandic designer Dögg Guðmundsdóttir creates nature-inspired modern products with emotional appeal and a distinctive touch of Scandinavian originality.

The meaning was to make modern candle holders look like those used in the old days when people really needed to carry candles around in the dark nights and places.

Laki and Katla candle holders by Dogg

Laki, the male, is taller (15 cm) and named after Lakagígar, a volcanic fissure in the south of Iceland.

Katla, the female, is smaller (12 cm) and named after a very large active volcano in southern Iceland.

Katla and Laki are part of the ROOTS collection, where Dögg goes back to her roots in Iceland and uses the shape of the trees, mountains, cracked ice, and dried sand as an inspiration for her new series.

Laki and Katla candle holders by Dogg

I have often joked that the candle holders are good to walk with in case of no electricity or could be used for all schools in Scandinavia where kids go around with candles before Christmas Santa Lucia

Laki and Katla are made of oak, powder-coated metal, and electroplated candle cups, and are available in 12 colors, perfect for decorating any corner of the house.


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