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Plate: Embracing urban elegance with Ceramiche Keope’s metal-inspired series

The urban landscape meets industrial charm in a captivating blend of metal- effect tiles in the brand’s latest offering, Plate.

Since 1995, Italian brand Ceramiche Keope has specialised in crafting porcelain stoneware floor and wall surfaces. Its ethos revolves around meticulous attention to detail, social responsibility, and a deep-rooted respect for the environment and its people. The company was founded in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, and has since expanded its global presence, reaching over 80 countries with an annual output exceeding 5 million square metres. 

Now, the ceramic firm has unveiled its newest urban-inspired collection, a range of porcelain metal-effect tiles that draw their inspiration from the dynamic energy of the city and the raw industrial spaces that define it. Called Plate, the collection features a captivating interplay of oxidation, chrome, and radiant surfaces, which work together to encapsulate the inherent beauty of metal in a mesmerising fusion of design elements.

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Luxury Gold

Plate represents a bold departure from Ceramiche Keope’s conventional tile collections: each design epitomises a sense of modern luxury, characterised by a prominent oxidised effect highlighted with gleaming accents.

The stoneware tile collection features a unified graphic motif presented in eight refined and vibrant colours, each exuding a remarkable depth of saturation intended to clad both walls and floors in either home or commercial settings. Within the cooler and more neutral end of the colour spectrum, Zinc stands out with its lack of overt coloration allowing the texture’s opulence and the surface’s luminosity to shine through. 

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Silver
Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Silver

Meanwhile, Silver with its gleaming silvery tones evokes the sleek sophistication of metal—a timeless emblem of modernity. Tin offers a subtle charm, replicating the gentle grey hues of tin with warmer undertones, making it an ideal choice for residential environments. Lastly, Anthracite captures the essence of classic steel grey but elevates it with hints of brown and bluish nuances, creating an atmosphere of understated elegance perfect for minimalist industrial designs.

Transitioning from sleek and contemporary tones, the chromatic range evolves to embrace hues that reveal the vintage and decorative essence of metal. Brass, with its luminosity and amalgamation of golden highlights and earthy browns, injects an aura of opulent exclusivity into any interior space. Meanwhile, Copper expresses hues ranging from fiery orange to rich copper red, making it the perfect choice for those seeking unconventional design solutions. 

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Copper

The collection is complete with Oxyde, a colour imbued with a distinct and unmistakable character, boasting a unique green-blue hue that adds depth and intrigue, and finally the Titanium palette with its vibrant bluish tones, offering a strong decorative appeal ideal for defining modern commercial spaces with a bold statement.

Plate’s aesthetic identity reaches its highest expression with the three large Luxury decorative slabs: Gold, Platinum and Dark. Dedicated exclusively to wall coverings, the third fire decors feature striking colour overlays with contrasting textures that add movement to the surfaces. From the brassy blue with rust streaks of Gold to the cool grey-blue of Platinum and the purplish browns of Dark, the three variations offer a wide range of colours that can be easily matched with Plate’s colour palette. 

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Oxyde

Thanks to Match App, the new virtual configurator by Ceramiche Keope, you can visualise the collection in the different rooms of the house. By uploading the image of the room to be furnished or selecting a demo room identified by the company (living, bathroom, outdoor, etc.), you can easily play with colours, formats and surfaces.

“Our latest creation at Ceramiche Keope, Plate, embodies the beauty of metal through an intricate interplay of oxidation, chrome, and shiny surfaces,”  says the team.

“Our collection reflects our fascination with the progress and brilliance of metallic textures, allowing us to craft spaces that tell stories through captivating aesthetics.” 

“The allure of our oxidised finishes extends beyond avant-garde architectural projects to embrace living spaces where everyday comfort is reimagined.”

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope _ Luxury Platinum _ dett
Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Luxury Platinum

These values underscore the company’s commitment to showcasing the unparalleled excellence of Italian craftsmanship and an achievement in quality and aesthetics, which is a result of substantial investments in technology.

The manufacturing process of ceramics demands energy for tasks like material extraction, processing, and tile firing. At the Keope factory, strict adherence to regulations ensures the purification of gaseous emissions and the comprehensive recycling of water and solid waste. 

Striving to minimise the use of hazardous chemicals, the company ensures that its tiles adhere to stringent health and safety standards. Over the years, the company has garnered numerous certifications validating the safety of its materials and processes. Interested readers can explore the latest certifications through the provided link

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Titanium
Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Titanium

Ceramic stands out as a notably environmentally conscious choice as it primarily relies on clay, sand, and other abundant natural elements. These resources are plentiful and renewable, reflecting Ceramiche Keope’s dedication to sourcing the purest and most refined raw materials. Endorsed by esteemed sustainability organisations like LEED or ISO 14001, they embody the brand’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Furthermore, a cogeneration plant is in place to minimise energy consumption and mitigate harmful emissions effectively. Ceramic boasts remarkable durability, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the necessity for frequent replacements, thereby minimising waste generation. In addition, Ceramiche Keope actively recycles and repurposes a significant portion of its production waste. 

Plate collection by Ceramiche Keope, Precious Dark

The result is a porcelain material that exhibits remarkable resilience against common aggressors such as impacts, abrasions, fire, frost, humidity, and weathering, retaining its pristine appearance over time. Their products are defined by their exceptional qualities and are free from emitting organic substances, allergens, and are effortlessly cleaned. 

With its captivating fusion of oxidised finishes, luminous accents, and rich textures, Ceramiche Keope redefines contemporary interiors whilst also paying homage to the raw industrial landscapes that inspired its creation.


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