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Eco-friendly grace: where whimsical aesthetics meets conscious materials

Step into the enchanting realm of IAMMI’s Clouds Collection, where the lines between design and nature seamlessly dissolve

The innovative Clouds collection designed by the Italian studio IAMMI transforms seating by capturing the elegance and weightlessness of clouds, all while embracing eco-friendly principles. Meticulously crafted from recycled foam rubber, every item in this collection harmoniously blends playful aesthetics with environmentally conscious materials.

The collection embodies the core qualities of weightlessness, comfort, and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the captivating forms of clouds, it imparts an otherworldly charm to any living area. Constructed using recycled foam rubber, every item upholds eco-consciousness while retaining its commitment to design and utility.

Clouds collection by IAMMI design studio
Clouds Collection by IAMMI

The series by IAMMI consists of three distinct pieces, each contributing its unique charm and functionality to the ensemble: the Sofa, the Armchair, and the Pouf. Together, they form a cohesive and versatile furniture set that caters to various preferences and needs.

Clouds Sofa

Crafted to mirror the graceful contours and plushness of clouds, this sofa beckons you to envelop yourself in its embrace. Constructed using recycled foam rubber, it not only provides a sensation of weightlessness but also treads lightly on the environment. The harmonious fusion of aesthetics and utility achieves an exquisite equilibrium between sophistication and coziness, rendering it a perfect haven for unwinding and introspection.

Clouds collection by IAMMI design studio
Clouds Collection by IAMMI

Clouds Armchair

Meticulously designed for ergonomic comfort, this armchair offers exceptional support within its effortlessly lightweight frame. Crafted from recycled foam rubber, it exemplifies the collection’s dedication to sustainability. The armchair’s graceful curves and cloud-inspired silhouette invite you to relax, evoking a profound sense of peace and serenity.

Clouds collection by IAMMI design studio
Clouds Collection by IAMMI

Clouds Pouf

Last, but not least, introducing the Pouf, an adaptable and charming addition that perfectly complements the Clouds Collection with its whimsical flair. Crafted to mirror the ever-evolving shapes of clouds, this pouf delivers a delightful seating experience. It guarantees a soft and accommodating touch, enabling you to relax in sheer comfort.

Clouds Collection by IAMMI

The CLOUDS Pouf seamlessly caters to your preferences, whether you require an extra seat, a footrest, or a casual side table. Its effortless mobility makes rearranging a breeze, empowering you to craft your own cloud-inspired arrangements with ease.


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