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Teenage Engineering fabricates Computer–1 – a simplistic, no frills computer case.

Creating a new legacy of enduring technology with each invention driven by need and built to last – Sweden-based Teenage Engineering skillfully develops ‘Computer–1’, a mini-ITX chassis.

Integrating creativity into the everyday, this one-of-a-kind lifestyle product has always been a work in progress.

While setting up their first workspace several years ago – the studio set out to craft their ideal PC case.

Computer-1 by teenage engineering
© teenage engineering

With a vision of it featuring a small desktop footprint and being effortlessly easy to move around – they built it with a laser cutter, high-density board and spray paint.

The board version worked alright, however – the handles couldn’t support the weight of the case when moving it around.

After some literal computer crashes – the team turned to aluminum for a much lighter and sturdier design.

Brilliantly based on the build-it-yourself concept of the pocket operator modular – they landed on the  minimalistic mini-ITX case used today.

Comprising a powder-coated, vibrant pure orange hue – it’s a small, no frills tool for any desktop.

© teenage engineering

Compact as well as portable, this eclectic object features – a small desk footprint with its lightweight metal and chrome handles that makes it easier to move around when you need to.

Built around the mini-ITX motherboard and the SFX power supply format – it additionally fits a dual slot graphics card up to 170mm.

Capable of housing a range of parts – the chassis can be simply equipped with multiple components.With a flat pack aesthetic – “its 1mm aluminum is flexible enough to – bend into shape and sturdy enough to keep your components secure.

Each kit comes with all of the parts required to assemble the case” says the studio.

Computer-1 by teenage engineering
© teenage engineering
© teenage engineering


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