Luca Nichetto Studio

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  • Ceramic
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  • Luxury

In 2006, Luca Nichetto established his eponymous multidisciplinary design practice in Venice, Italy, specializing in industrial design, product design, and design consultancy. Right from the outset, Nichetto Studio embarked on collaborations with a diverse array of brands and organizations, and these partnerships soon became a defining element of his work, propelling his influence beyond the boundaries of Venice and Italy.

Designer Francesco Dompieri, hailing from Treviso, joined the studio in 2011, ultimately becoming a partner four years later when Luca Nichetto opened a second studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This expansion was driven by the increasing demand for international collaborations. Over time, the studio’s scope transcended its initial focus on designed objects.

Presently, Nichetto Studio collaborates with a wide range of global brands and clients, offering expertise across various design disciplines. The studio’s work is deeply rooted in a profound passion for and understanding of both industrial and artisanal manufacturing processes.

Every project is enriched with carefully chosen cultural references and meticulous attention to detail. Nichetto Studio occupies a unique position at the intersection of Scandinavian and Italian design cultures, earning it worldwide recognition that extends well beyond the confines of the design industry.