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This range of fascinating objects pay homage to dichroic glass

Sodalime launched their collection Dichroic at Milan Design Week 2022 – featuring a mélange of alluring products fabricated according to the characteristics of the material.

Exploring properties of intriguing materials and aesthetics, design studio Sodalime launched their collection ‘Dichroic’ at Milan Design Week 2022 – a homage to dichroic glass featuring a mélange of alluring products fabricated according to the characteristics of the material.

Also known as two-toned glass, Dichroic glass is brilliantly fabricated through an extraordinary fully-automated dipping technology. 

“With its every perspective offering a new color palette, inviting interaction as well as challenging perception – the inorganic process and organic outcome offers a fascinating contrast” says founders Ruud Groeneveld and Carissa Ten Tije. 

At first, the ancient looking artifact crafted with a unique heating process as well as multi layered dichroic surfaces seamlessly encompasses – glass with subtle deformations and cracks that produce unexpected reflection patterns.

Dichroic by Sodalime
© Sodalime

Its design, colors as well as transparency beautifully transforms depending on the viewing angle.

The stunning wall object, on the other hand, forms sleek reflections of its surroundings and due to its dichroic coating – a composition of the transmission as well as its complementary color floats by changing perspective while moving around the product.

Additionally, inspired by the effect of chromatic aberration – the one-of-a-kind eclectic mirror features eye-catching hues with varying wavelengths and refraction angles that create a vibrant glow of the complementary tones on each side. 

“Designed to make people happy – by using dichroic glass, we created a mirror that magnifies this effect as well as gives one a glimpse into a colorful wonderland!” adds the duo. 

Lastly, drawing the eye’s attention – the illuminating light object is designed to effortlessly make the hidden hues of dichroic glass visible. 

“The light reflects between the two dichroic sheets making its hidden complementary colors merge and turn visible in an in-depth echoing arc” they say. 

By skillfully making both, the transmission as well as reflection tones visible – a mesmerizing bouquet of colors flourish.

Dichroic by Sodalime
© Sodalime
Dichroic by Sodalime
© Sodalime


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