Faro Smart Helmet seamlessly blends style, safety and technology

Making the streets safer and smarter through innovative design and technology, this innovative helmet represents the ultimate riding experience

Seamlessly blending style, safety and technology into the ultimate riding experience – Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1 is a fully waterproof, highly-ventilated helmet that features 500+ lumens of integrated lights, Weather Monitoring, Crash Detection, ABS Hardshell and EPS Liner as well as the Mips Safety System. 

Available in three sizes with the perfect fit embodying an adjustable fitting system, a magnetic buckle and IPX-6 dust and rain resistance – it looks good and feels great. 

With a diverse team of designers, engineers and storytellers – USA-based Unit 1 designs and builds eclectic but one-of-a-kind tech-enabled products for urban mobility.

Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1
Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1

At first, the innovative product’s massive +500 lumens of light footprint at eye-level will boost the user’s visibility from every direction.

Its front and rear lights – red and white respectively – are powerful and laser-focused that will make one fully visible during the day and nighttime.

On the other hand, the hidden light is a beautifully designed, 46-LED light array, beneath a fabric liner to create a unique, eye-catching light effect when turned on.

Additionally, its navigation remote that can be easily mounted on one’s bike’s handlebar helps signalling turns to drivers effortlessly. 

Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1
Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1

Equipped with sensors, it will detect that one’s slowed down and trigger brake lights on the back of the helmet.

Further calling for help when one can’t with a crash detection system – Faro is equipped with accelerometers and sensors that will detect a hard crash.

It will go on to check if you’re all right through the U1 App on one’s smartphone and if the user fails to respond, it will send an SMS with the location to one’s emergency contact.

Lastly, “the multi-directional impact protection system is a low-friction layer inside the helmet that allows movement on angled impacts, absorbing extra energy and reducing the risk of concussions and severe brain injury!” explains Unit 1.


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