Experience light in a new way with this alluring product

SFIR by BUDDE is a table luminaire skillfully designed to generate a creative interplay between human and object.

Thanks to a convenient (de)assembling system that requires no tools – ‘SFIR’ is an expressive human-centered design crafted by Cologne-based label BUDDE that invites the user to playfully interact and switch between different light ambiances, depending on utility and desire.

A massive glass sphere, which is the expressive heart of SFIR – brilliantly acts as a sophisticated spherical joint mechanism to enable a 3D motion of the lampshade while it additionally captures the light beams coming out of this object’s foot. 

SFIR by Johannes BuddeSFIR by Johannes Budde
© Johannes Budde

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Creating an either static or dynamic appeal – a fascinating tension is created between the shade and the sphere.

Following a timeless design approach – this stunning LED luminaire features minimalistic geometrical shapes. SFIR consists of – a powder-coated aluminum cylinder and disc as well as a solid 12cm diameter glass sphere. 

© Johannes Budde

The shade and sphere are seamlessly attached with two flat screw threads in stainless steel that effortlessly allows for a flexible (de-)attachment. 

“The customized recycled plastic inlays, that are integrated into the cylinder – further hold both the sphere and the LED lighting system including a USB-C rechargeable battery” says founder Johannes Budde.


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