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BUDDE, a design studio headquartered in Cologne and established in 2019, is led by Architect Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss. Johannes is the creative force behind BUDDE, while Meike brings her expertise in business and branding to the table.

Originating from the field of architecture, the studio’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of design categories, including furniture, lighting, and home decor. They offer a diverse collection that includes both unique, limited-edition designs and more scalable products intended for the commercial market.

BUDDE’s mission is to bring fresh perspectives to everyday objects through thoughtful design. Their approach is characterized by simplicity, where excess is stripped away, leaving only essential forms. They prioritize purposeful details and intuitive functionality while maintaining a strong commitment to exceptional quality and durability.

Their exclusive collectible pieces are produced in limited quantities and showcased by renowned international galleries such as the Rossana Orlandi gallery in Milan and Mint gallery in London. In contrast, their scalable designs are manufactured exclusively in Germany and can be purchased directly from the studio.

BUDDE has also forged partnerships with global furniture brands, who entrust the studio to create recognizable and enduring collections in collaboration.