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‘Doorway to Your Future’: connecting humans and nature through design

In line with its mission to protect the environment, FerreroLegno is launching a new series of events at Milan Design Week 2023

FerreroLegno is an Italian company based in Magliano Alpi (CN) specialized in the production and marketing of doors and closing systems for interiors, recognized for the uniqueness of their materials and the care with which they are designed and constructed.

They stand out for their strong green attitude, a focus on sustainability that begins with the choice of materials and finishes and extends to virtuous production processes, as well as a great respect for health and safety in the workplace.

FerreroLegno _ Doorway to Your Future _ Milan Design Week 2023
© FerreroLegno

Environmental protection and concern for the health of customers and artisans are top priorities for the company, the first producer of doors to have exclusively chosen innovative water-based bio paints that ensure high performance and establish new quality standards with very low levels of formaldehyde emissions.

The development of two new bio palettes – Iride and ULTRAopaco – in line with the latest trends in contemporary living, testifies to FerreroLegno’s ability and willingness to inspire contemporary interior design choices, while ensuring a distinctive aesthetic and visual impact.

This year, during the Milan Design Week 2023, the manufacturer will launch ‘Doorway to Your Future‘ at FerreroLegno Brera Archispace (Via Brera, 16, 20121 Milano) , a series of events aiming to explore a new design concept that connects humans and nature, viewing design as a tool that deciphers constantly changing scenarios, like a visionary lens.

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© FerreroLegno

The idea emphasizes the individual and their well-being, focusing on the tactile, acoustic, and visual aspects of residential space projects.

The inaugural event, titled “The Silent Lesson of Trees. Stories of Forests That Change the World,” will be held on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 pm.

Giorgio Vacchiano, the scientific curator of the Earthrise23 festival of the Design Circle, of which FerreroLegno is an official sponsor, will speak about how trees adapt to climate change, solve water scarcity problems, and even move hundreds of kilometers. This talk promises to be a fascinating journey that will change the way we see trees, forever.