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Introducing AllGround coffee grinder by Fiorenzato, for the perfect cup of coffee

Italian coffee grinder experts Fiorenzato have launched the debut product in its all-new Home line, a high-performance coffee grinder for making the perfect cup of coffee at home, every time.

The smell of the brew and the whirr of the coffee grinder, before you even get a caffeine hit, the coffee-making process awakens the senses. To make a coffee is to participate in an important ritual, and no one knows that better than Fiorenzato, exemplified by their AllGround coffee grinder.

Since 1936, the Italian company has spearheaded technological development in the world of coffee grinders and grinder-dosers. Now, it’s bringing its 80 years of commercial expertise to the consumer coffee market with the launch of Fiorenzato Home. Catering to espresso enthusiasts and cappuccino connoisseurs alike, Fiorenzato Home’s debut product is AllGround, an all-purpose electric burr grinder. 

Introducing AllGround coffee grinder by Fiorenzato, for the perfect cup of coffee
AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

Now, if you know what a burr grinder is, you probably already know how important grinding coffee beans is when trying to create an amazing cup of coffee. Grinding coffee at the moment you are going to use it enhances the sensory experience as well as the quality of the drink. In fact, during the grinding process, the aromatic components trapped inside the coffee bean are released, giving the cup a greater fragrance.

Further enhancing this experience is the type of grinder you use.

The chief advantage of a coffee grinder is that it grinds beans to a uniform size of particles, avoiding clogging problems and granting you the flexibility to grind beans to the coarseness or fineness that best suits whichever kind of coffee or espresso maker you are using.

AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

AllGround’s all-beautiful design

At the core of AllGround is an intuitive design that simplifies the coffee-grinding process, whether you’re making a filter, an espresso, or prepping granules for a Moka pot.

A die-cast aluminium body boasts a sleek and attractive design available in a range of seven harmonious and refined colors including matt black and rose gold finishes. At the top of the grinder, AllGround features a hopper capable of holding 250 grams of coffee.

Beneath this, a soft-touch collar that guides users through each different grind size, alongside a touch screen at the front of the product, which acts as a central hub where users can activate the machine, and track the progress of coffee-grinding.

Fiorenzato Home - Coffee grinder
AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

As the collar turns, inside a set of 64-millimeter, titanium-coated, flat M340 steel burrs adjust accordingly. According to Fiorenzato Home, these burrs can grind up to 1,400 kilograms of coffee before needing to be replaced. That is equivalent to over 150,000 cups of coffee (depending on how much you take at a time).

As well as streamlining the coffee grinding process, Fiorenzato has created a product that makes care and maintenance just as easy. AllGround coffee grinder deposits grinds either directly into a porta-filter or into a bin for a drop of Moka brews: an easily removable grinding chamber allows for quick and thorough cleaning of the grinder.

Introducing AllGround coffee grinder by Fiorenzato, for the perfect cup of coffee
AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

Eighty years of experience goes in every cup

Pietro Fiorenzato founded his namesake company in 1936, today managed by the third generation of the Fiornezato family. Through innovation, the brand has gone from strength to strength, designing increasingly advanced and efficient grinder-dosers. 

Thanks to its decades of experience, precision, efficiency and ease of use are the real hallmark of its products. Calculating specific grams and settings, Fiorenzato’s product performance remains constant, thereby ensuring precise dosing, preventing waste and offering a perfect cup of coffee every time.

AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

It’s a standard that guides every step along the way, from the production of the coffee grinder to the coffee grinding process itself. The product’s grinder burrs are a perfect example.

Fiorenzato is the only company that produces grinder burrs made with a material especially vetted for food preparation, the steel M340 used also in AllGround. These steel burrs guarantee a large grinding work surface whilst avoiding any damage to the coffee beans.

AllGround coffee grinder

Combining the magic of the coffee-making ritual with high-precision technology, AllGround coffee grinder is the culmination of eighty years of experience, but Fiorenzato promises it’s just the beginning of its Fiorenzato Home line. 

Introducing AllGround coffee grinder by Fiorenzato, for the perfect cup of coffee
AllGround coffee grinder – © Fiorenzato Home

“AllGround coffee grinder is the first of a series of products that will allow Fiorenzato to be ever closer to the demanding and constantly evolving coffee consumer” says Christian Oddera, the CEO of Fiorenzato.

“The ‘Home’ line is dedicated to the new trend in the consumption of coffee beans at home, already consolidated in much of the world. We want to bring the experience of the professional world into homes, with an appliance that’s within everyone’s reach.”


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