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Standing out with its style and mechanism – meet this unique folding chair

Harmoniously blending modern industrial looks with traditional craftsmanship, Acasso crafts Tekron – an eclectic aluminum folding chair

Inspired and fascinated by metal furniture and the brilliant amalgamation of modern industrial looks and traditional craftsmanship – Korea-based Acasso, founded by industrial designer Jake Lee skillfully fabricates ‘Tekron’, an extraordinary aluminum Folding Chair.

With a shared goal – Acasso is a team of designers and engineers working together in an open environment with strong leadership qualities providing turnkey product development services to various international clients across the globe. 

Tekron folding chair
© Tekron folding chair by Acasso

Surrounded by numerous electronics, given the daily routine of designing them along with the urge to break away from the norm – “furniture was the one product that could be created solely with a sense of manufacturability, materiality, proportion, as well as usability.

When we decided to make a chair, our main concern was if we could create one that would truly stand out” says Lee.

After researching and concluding that folding chairs are less explored compared to regular ordinary ones – a one-of-a-kind conceptual minimalistic piece of furniture with a new folding UX in terms of both style and mechanism was born.  

© Tekron folding chair by Acasso

Often used in fashion accessories – it innovatively features an unconventional structure assisted by nylon straps and a military-grade metal buckle.

Tekron further folds completely flat by tightening the nylon strap from behind and doesn’t accidentally unfold unless the buckle is released. 

Additionally, as the nylon strap is pulled, the back of the seat smoothly rotates and slides up through the bearing-assisted sliding structure until it’s completely vertical. 

Tekron folding chair
© Tekron folding chair by Acasso

Not just simply meant for sitting, it comprises a stunning interior effect with its eye-catching vibrant lifting straps with a pop of color that seamlessly serves as a pleasing accent to the space.

“Tekron is made of lightweight and durable aluminum that can be folded and unfolded for a long time” Lee adds. 


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