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Standout sinks: antoniolupi’s collection banishes the basic basin

The brand’s in-house research centre AL Studio created the Nabatei collection for the brand, which includes minimalist and bowl basin designs.

Bathrooms are no longer just utilitarian spaces but havens of tranquillity. The Nabatei collection by Italian bathroom specialist antoniolupi embodies this shift, translating solid marble into contemporary icons with clean lines and precise forms.

Distinguished by clean, crisp lines, these precise geometric forms contribute to a sophisticated and streamlined look, making them an ideal choice for creating the modern bathroom despite being inspired by the ancient city of Petra and the Nabatean people of ancient Arabia.

Nero Marquinia _ Nabatei collection by antoniolupi
Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

“The Nabatei collection blends sculptural and monumental aesthetics with essentiality,” explains Andrea Lupi, CEO of antoniolupi. “Crafted from solid marble, the basins showcase the inherent value and timeless beauty of the material, enhanced through precise human design.”

Antoniolupi meticulously cuts marble for their bathroom products using advanced CNC machinery and precision tools. This process ensures each piece is made to perfection, highlighting the natural beauty and elegance of the marble, whilst achieving the exact thickness needed to achieve the desired look.

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

The collection includes three countertop basins: square, rectangular, and oval, each distinguished by their geometric precision and all available in a fixed and freestanding model. The Nabatei Square basin presents itself as an elegant, sturdy cube with a smooth, finely finished surface. Meanwhile, the square basin’s robust design ensures durability, maintaining a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, providing a statement piece for any modern bathroom space.

The Nabatei Rectangular basin features clean, precise lines and a minimal edge that draws attention to its form. It’s the only basin in the collection available in all material options, offering unmatched versatility. Like the square and oval versions, it comes in Cristalmood and Icemood finishes, with a wide range of colours from the antoniolupi collection.

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

Resilient as stone and transparent as crystal, Cristalmood is a unique resin that antoniolupi hand-pours into moulds. It ensures each piece is one of a kind because of the slight variations in colour, size, or the occasional small air bubbles, which imbue each product with its own soul and authenticity. 

The material comes in 18 different colours including the deep richness of Notte, reminiscent of midnight blue, the warm glow of Ambra, similar to golden amber, and Bronzo, a luxurious bronze. Each shade has a translucent quality that allows light to pass through, creating a striking visual effect. 

Like Cristalmood, Icemood is also durable but with a subtle metallic sheen, which creates a distinct icy, frosted appearance. Both are available in an extensive range of colours. This finish, characterised by a silk-like effect applied externally, lends an elegant appearance to each product. It is made from non-yellowing material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

The Nabatei Oval basin distinguishes itself with soft, rounded contours that evoke a sense of elegance and lightness. Its minimalist design features slender sections and minimal thickness, enhancing its sophisticated appearance. This model is available in both Cristalmood and Icemood finishes.

The basins are carved from marble tops that also include storage compartments, a part of the design intended to recall the zenithal view of cultivated land plots bordered by Sicilian dry-stone walls or eastern cultivated terraces. It refers to an overhead or top-down perspective of agricultural fields, as seen directly above. 

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

For years, antoniolupi has embodied resourcefulness and craftsmanship, honing its expertise in working with precious materials to unprecedented levels. This enduring dedication has driven a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, all while showcasing the inherent versatility of raw materials and propelling the beauty of nature into the forefront of design evolution.

This view, often captured by drones or satellite imagery, provides a comprehensive and unobstructed look at the layout, shape, and distribution of the land plots, aiding in agricultural planning and analysis. Taking cues from these images, antoniolupi has created basins with different portions of the top serving various functions such as housing taps, storing objects, or functioning as the primary basin.

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

The collection is further enhanced by a series of wall-hung or floor-standing cabinets, which complement the basins with their essential and rigorous aesthetics, promoting a sense of lightness and measure. These cabinets can be configured in various designs by joining several blocks with a connecting element for a seamless look.

The Nabatei collection features versatile, cube-shaped sinks (40x40x40 cm) made of marble. These sinks can be wall-mounted, placed on shelves, or integrated into suspended furniture, creating a micro-architecture within any space. A freestanding version with an adjacent shelf is also available, perfect for accommodating taps or daily use items.

Nabatei collection by antoniolupi

The compact size and adaptable design make these sinks suitable for both homes and businesses, enabling individuals to transform their spaces into stylish and functional environments. Users can customise their placement with ease, allowing them to craft personalised bathroom designs that reflect their unique tastes and needs. 


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