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These kitchen scales don’t just weigh your food—they analyse it

Designer Da-yeon Choi came up with the concept, which imagines a simple at-home device that makes it easier to understand what it is we are eating.

The teal coloured device looks like a table lamp, which speaks to the product designer’s aim of creating something that would look smart whilst sitting on a kitchen countertop.

Called Foody, the concept food analyser tells you what is inside your food. 

It’s inspired by a BMI machine, which typically uses an electrical pulse to determine the amount of total body fat in a human.

Instead, the device uses an already existing analysis technique for fast, accurate food testing known as Near Infrared, or NIR, Spectroscopy.

Foody scale _ Food analyser by Da-yeon Choi (2)
© Da-yeon Choi

NIR spectroscopy works by shooting infrared rays on a food item and measuring the light that is scattered off and through it, which can rapidly determine the material’s properties. 

However, this sort of technology usually requires a much larger machine than the sleek, compact gadget Korean designer Da-yeon Choi has imagined, which looks like a mix between a lamp and a set of weighing scales. 

Foody scale _ Food analyser by Da-yeon Choi (2)
© Da-yeon Choi

Users simply place the food item on the base and fix the adjustable height rod again, similar to a BMI machine.

The device then shoots infrared rays to measure calories, vitamins, water content, proteins, iron and trans fat content.

© Da-yeon Choi

Foody: Weighing up the future of food 

Kitchen gadgets are a burgeoning market often celebrating new products that feed our obsession with knowing what’s inside our food.

Da-yeon Choi’s Foody project responds to that obsession with a concept device that looks aesthetically pleasing.

It recognises the popular notion of design first when it comes to personal electronics whilst exploring larger scale machinery that already exists to inform its function.

Foody scale _ Food analyser by Da-yeon Choi (2)
© Da-yeon Choi


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