Lighting design

A one-of-a-kind light that doubles up as a sculptural piece of artwork

Truly an illuminating pièce de résistance – Foundation by Andrew Ferrier draws inspiration from brutalist architecture and modern building methods.

Bold and creative – this sculptural ‘Foundation’ Light created by Andrew Ferrier, takes a cue from Montréal’s brutalist architecture and its modern construction methods.

Applying human-centered design to a variety of categories including furniture, housewares as well as consumer electronics – this industrial designer skilfully aims for simplicity and clarity in his solutions with thoughtful use of materials.

While it looks like concrete – this stunning object comprises a lightweight plaster build effortlessly bringing a unique ambiance to any room.

Foundation by Andrew Ferrier
© Andrew Ferrier

Five identical powder-coated tubes seamlessly  fit into the two plaster masses perfectly – crafting a design reminiscent of a concrete and steel column.

This dramatic conceptual design comes to life when the light illuminates, casts downwards onto the bottom mass of plaster and is dispersed by reflecting off and highlighting its imperfect surfaces.

Its manufacturing method ensures that each light is one-of-a-kind – as it starts out as a single block of scored plaster that requires breaking to make the two distinct parts featuring the top and base.

“Foundation additionally takes advantage of the plaster’s weight to make the assembly as simplistic as dropping the tubes into the base and aligning the top piece” says Ferrier.

Brilliantly offering a creative lighting solution with its minimalistic raw aesthetic and a compelling story – this product doubles as an art piece and a conversation starter.

© Andrew Ferrier
Foundation by Andrew Ferrier
© Andrew Ferrier


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