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Shining a light on the legendary craftsmanship of Patrizia Garganti

For some four decades, the Italian luxury lighting company has continued to partner with top designers to retain its unique appeal and creative DNA.

Since 1976, Italian designer Patrizia Garganti has endeavoured to create one-of-a-kind lighting solutions, first as part of the incredibly successful laboratory BA.GA and today at the helm of her namesake company. With over 40 years of experience on the international market, she has gained fame and prestige thanks to her signature approach.

Over the years, Patrizia Garganti has worked alongside acclaimed designers whose signature traces some of its most iconic creations, namely architect and Tuscan designer Roberto Lazzeroni, who designed the Novecento series for the brand in 2010. The collection translated his industrial, no-frills style as seen in the elegant metallic structures hosting dynamic lampshades made from strings of eco-leather.

Lazzeroni’s contributions to Patrizia Garganti — and to lighting — go beyond the Novecento series. In 2012, he designed the Gisele series, which is one of Patrizia Garganti’s most successful collections to date. It features a modular metal structure on which crystal lozenges are mounted and illuminated by dimmable LED lights. It has since evolved in shape and size to include square, circular and rectangular variations.

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The company has some pretty impressive clients too, including the 7-star Pangu Plaza in Beijing, the Langham Hotel in London, the renowned Bice restaurant in Abu Dhabi and various Four Seasons around the world.

“Our team is a big family, where the exchange of ideas and training is continuous,” says Garganti of the 40-strong team whose care over the design, study and materials defines the final piece. “Every person who works inside the company is fundamental.” 

Produced under the strict guidance of Patrizia Garganti, who is the chief designer of the company, the company has managed to achieve a level of craftsmanship comparable to a major fashion brand. From hand-sewn lampshades to blown glass components, manual forging, and high-precision laser cutting—at Patrizia Garganti, the accuracy is like that of an atelier. The intricate placing of each individual crystal is testament to that.

Patrizia Garganti - glass blow
From hand-sewn lampshades to blown glass components, manual forging, and high-precision laser cutting, at Patrizia Garganti, the accuracy is like that of an atelier – Image Courtesy of Patrizia Garganti

These processes are all carried out in-house in Garganti’s workshop. “[We have] a lampshade workshop, a crystal processing, and assembly department,” she explains. “A local glass factory born of glass blowing art rooted in the Tuscan territory for decades is where all the glass components are born.”

“The continuous search for new techniques, the use of the best materials and manual processing without industrial processes, gives each product a unique soul and beauty.”

Garganti’s creations sweep us into another lighting design dimension, which employs the artful skills of craftsmanship with an approach that is unashamedly over the top. Garganti puts elegance first and foremost, which the luxury lighting company is celebrating by exhibiting some of its most iconic pieces at this year’s Supersalone.

As well as Novecento and Gisele, Patrizia Garganti will exhibit Coup de Foudre, a precious chandelier made up of voluptuous cornucopias contrasted by a metallic structure. This will be on display alongside several other pieces including Chaos, a celestial collection based upon a hexagonal module that gives life to a myriad of infinite shapes, and Frida, a hand-blown chandelier with a sober and discreet elegance, surmounted by diaphanous lampshades.

Finally, Patrizia Garganti will also re-introduce its latest design, the Tur Collection, which is characterised by a set of parallelepipeds of various heights made with transparent crystal lozenges, assembled by hand on a metal frame. The peculiarity of the collection lies in the high number of possible combinations and in the ease of creating new shapes and sizes thanks to the repetitions of the glass module.

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The Tur collection inspires Patrizia Garganti’s installation at Supersalone 2021 as part of the event’s new layout. As a result of the pandemic, this year companies will exhibit their products on vertical walls to avoid crowded booths. Be that as it may, Patrizia Garganti is putting on a striking display in line with its usual opulent aesthetic, translating the collection’s architectural compositions in a striking display to let visitors know that the lights are well and truly back on.

You don’t have to be at the event to experience the installation, however. Patrizia Garganti is capturing the charm of their installation with the help of design influencers Camilla Bellini and Daniela Zuccotti. Assembled by DesignWanted, together they will explore the luxury lighting brand’s installation and collections via Instagram.

Follow DesignWanted on Instagram to see Camilla Bellini and Daniela Zuccotti live at Patrizia Garganti during Supersalone. The influencer event takes place on the 6th of September at 2:30 PM CET.