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Frammento skateboards represent an innovative idea crafted from recycled rubber

Designed by the young design student Paolo Gentile with the objective of sourcing end-of-life tires and bring them back onto the road

Frammento skateboards that are created using recycled rubber sourced from End-of-Life Tires (ELT). With an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, these innovative skateboards are a testament to the power of recycling and repurposing materials.

Paolo Gentile, the mind behind it, is a young designer focused on giving a new life to waste materials and telling stories through product design.

Frammento recycled rubber skateboard
Frammento skateboards by Paolo Gentile

I was inspired to create Frammento hanging out at a children’s playground. I became intrigued by the floor material and after some search and realizing the low cost of the rubber pellets, I started to think of new applications for it” Paolo told DesignWanted.

By transforming discarded ELTs through a careful process of extraction and refinement, Frammento breathes new life into these forgotten remnants, allowing them to evolve into dynamic skateboards that embody both functionality and eco-consciousness.

Frammento recycled rubber skateboard
Frammento skateboards by Paolo Gentile

Each skateboard in the collection is painstakingly crafted, ensuring that the recycled rubber maintains its remarkable qualities such as resilience, grip, and flexibility, all while minimizing waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

By embracing the endless possibilities of repurposing, Frammento paves the way for a sustainable future where discarded tires find renewed purpose, propelling riders on a thrilling and eco-friendly journey.

Frammento skateboards by Paolo Gentile

After analyzing the properties of the material such as flexibility, impact resistance, and traction I thought a skateboard could be a great product on which to try to apply the material since the board requires all these characteristics.” continues Gentile.

I learned about the world of end-of-life tires with Ecopneus, an Italian company specialized in the recycling of old rubber tires. Casei Ecosystem provided me the material and gave me some tips on how to use it. I’m thankful for their support as well as Claudio Larcher’s which supervised and helped me throughout the project.” adds the designer.

Frammento skateboards by Paolo Gentile
Frammento recycled rubber skateboard process
Frammento skateboards by Paolo Gentile

What could be done beyond Frammento skateboards?

With Frammento, not only I could give a new use for recycled rubber but I could also tell a visual story of the other applications of the material such as athletic tracks or sports fields. In order to give form to the pellets, I mixed them with glue and press-molded them into the skateboard shape. The End-of-Life Tires revive in the form of a skateboard so that the tires can have the opportunity to keep travelling. From road to road.

You can see more on Paolo Gentile official website.


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