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The Fresh Fridge spotlights good food to fix your bad diet

This intuitive fridge design concept features a smart hub, workstation and clever compartments to empower users in their journey towards healthy eating

The primary function of a fridge is to keep food fresh but that’s not enough to promote a healthy lifestyle. What would really help is if it was actually designed to cater for one, with portion control and on-the-go snacks in mind, and if that same fridge had a smart hub with recipes and could prevent good food from going bad, well that would be a bonus. 

The Fresh Fridge rethinks the traditional design to deliver on all of the above. Brazilian industrial designer Tati Feruccio came up with the concept, which imagines an entire ecosystem including specially designed storage and a mounted display for highlighting foods, as well as a digital hub with recipes and a tabletop surface with built-in plug sockets and chopping board for preparing meals. 

Fresh Fridge by Tati Ferruccio

It considers the behaviours of the user as well as the key limitations people felt when trying to fulfill a healthy lifestyle, which Feruccio identified during extensive research into her market. These included the short shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables, the labour needed to prepare them and the tendency of users to forget they have them at all.

To solve these issues, the Fresh Fridge comes with compartments designed specifically for different types of healthy foods – leafy greens go on top, where it’s cooler, fruits and veggies are better kept on the lower shelves, and a series of handy trays account for prepared/cooked items like salads, or cut fruits. 

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There are also slide-in areas for airtight containers, which allow users to prepare food ahead of time and a transparent door to remind them that they did. As users take food from the Fresh Fridge, the smart display tracks inventory to make planning future grocery lists more effectively. It also features a video chat function. 

From a design point of view, The Fresh Fridge, as its name suggests, freshens up the typical fridge aesthetic. Its sleek body and tapered wooden feet give off scandi vibes while a textured glass reveals a carefully organised interior comprising horizontal shelves housed in recycled plastic.

Fresh Fridge by Tati Ferruccio

Finally, a soft light illuminates the interior to create the look and feel of a supermarket.

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