Gift guide for design lovers: 6 products on our wish list. What’s on yours?

It’s the season for good cheer, sparkles, buying more consciously and gift giving. Happy holidays!

Are you someone who has their holiday shopping finished WAY before? Or are you a last minute shopper? Whoever you are, you could use our refreshing gift guide for all the eco-conscious design lovers on your list (or simply treat yourself) – be it your family and friends who enjoys hosting or appreciates a one-of-a-kind table lamp and anyone in between. 

Just when everyone’s email inboxes and social media feeds are getting flooded with “must-haves” that place Instagram-friendly style over substance and longevity – we’ve decided to cut through the noise with innovative pieces to make your festivities extra magical. 

So scroll through our roundups of the gifts that will delight any recipient – happy shopping and happy holidays!

Clizia Battery by Slamp x Adriano Rachele

Focused on finding a point where shapes and lighting technology harmoniously come together, Slamp introduces a collection of unique pieces – luminous sculptures that express this vision of the brand. 

Encapsulating a hand-crafted yet high-tech approach – these products are made in the Slamp workshop by its Tailors of Light and are an ideal gift for anyone who’s passionate about Italian-made design and quality. Their know-how produces striking results that could be utilized to personalize spaces based on one’s tastes and needs. 

Clizia Battery by Slamp x Adriano Rachele
Clizia Battery by Slamp x Adriano Rachele / Gift Guide

Brainchild of designer Adriano Rachele, Clizia Battery – whose name is inspired by Clytie, the mythological nymph who was rejected by the god of the Sun and transformed into a sunflower – is a table lamp with a rechargeable battery. It’s an object that blends organic and complex forms with unexpected lightness. 

Evoking the geometry of the natural world, it embodies square Opalflex® or Cristalflex® components assembled by hand in an interlocking pattern through a process of tailoring. The exquisite Clizia Mama Non Mama finish emphasizes Clizia’s luxuriant and seemingly soft petals, making the product an expressive shimmering gift to share with others over the festive season.

The Avocado Collection by TripleF x Luisa Longo

Stemming from the thought of rediscovering, reinterpreting and reclaiming iconic vintage pieces from the past TripleF – a concept store for design, furniture, art and fashion founded by Federica Formilli Fendi – introduces The Avocado Collection, a special capsule with the Italian artist Luisa Longo.

Born from Federica and Luisa’s shared passion for table setting, it features exclusive artistically crafted objects designed for the art of the table – from tablecloths to napkins in pure linen and cotton, placemats and coasters made of natural warm wood fiber as well as serving plates, dessert plates, centerpieces in two sizes and an octagonal ceramic tray.

The Avocado Collection by TripleF x Luisa Longo
The Avocado Collection by TripleF x Luisa Longo / Gift Guide

Effortlessly reflecting one of TripleF’s bases of reuse and a circular sustainable economy – this stunning limited edition conceived for a setting with contemporary creative accents is set apart by craftsmanship and the choice of reusable and recyclable materials.

Each and every piece is hand-painted by Longo, with dynamic strokes and decorative effects that reflect her style in a continuous experimentation of pigments and techniques to achieve vibrant textured chromatic results, using Klein Blue, TripleF’s iconic color, as a narrative element.

Weaving together design, craftsmanship and art – this capsule collection takes inspiration from the avocado tree that dominates the inner courtyard of the concept store, planted by Mario Schifano, who lived and worked there in the 90’s and has now become the symbol of TripleF in the heart of Trastevere. 

Nomads by T Sakhi Studio

Tessa and Tara of T Sakhi Studio were always drawn to the rich history of glassblowing and this is how the story of Nomads began. Made on the island of Murano – the material’s epicenter of craft – the sisters drew connections and shared knowledge of glassmaking between both Mediterranean cultures, the Venetian lagoon where they live and their own Lebanese heritage – the most common legend around the first discovery of glass dates to the Phoenicians (1500-300 BC).

Nomads by T Sakhi Studio
Nomads by T Sakhi Studio / Gift Guide

Experimenting with Venetian glassblowers diverse techniques to achieve new textures – recuperated metallic threads are recycled by infusion within the glass resulting in strength and solidity to this delicate material. This innovative intricate texture allows light to filter through and creates mesmerizing reflections, whimsical shadows, playful patterns and a kaleidoscope of hues ranging from alessandrite and amethyst to amber, ruby and cobalt. 

Nomads is a collection of flasks – a universal iconic accessory that transcends an ever-evolving pattern of life. Its design is inspired by traditional shapes and offers different ways of consumption, a larger size to use as a carafe and a miniature size designed as a portable object. Alcohol is a substance that disrupts social masks imposed by social etiquettes and reveals human emotions in its rawest forms. Each of these flasks are named after a human behavior from Isra – wisdom to Dalia – faith, Kalla – beauty, Mayra – rebellion, Hera – vengeance and Frea – infidelity. 

Cannabis Scented Candles by Weed’d x Simone Bonanni, Maddalena Casadei and Valerio Sommella

Challenging the traditional narrative associated with cannabis use with design-centered smoking objects meticulously produced in Italy – Weed’d by Stefano Aschieri sees in the act of smoking an opportunity to slow down and simply catch a break from today’s fast-paced lifestyle. 

Cannabis Scented Candles by Weed’d x Simone Bonanni, Maddalena Casadei and Valerio Sommella
Cannabis Scented Candles by Weed’d x Simone Bonanni, Maddalena Casadei and Valerio Sommella / Gift Guide

The perfect festive gift – these Cannabis Scented Candles designed by Simone Bonanni, Maddalena Casadei and Valerio Sommella exude rich, earthy aromas that evoke the natural essence of the cannabis plant. They encompass notes of pine, muskmand a hint of sweetness, transporting one to a state of relaxation and calm.

These candles are ideal for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a cozy night in and once it’s over – it further doubles up as a pot. 

Kitchen Linens by Spotti Kitchen Studio x Chateau Orlando

A symbol of quality of living with a complete range of solutions, the brainchild by Claudio and Mauro Spotti – Spotti Kitchen Studio exclusively launches a capsule collection of kitchen linens beautifully designed by Chateau Orlando, a clothing and homeware brand creatively helmed by the artist and designer Luke Edward Hall.

Kitchen Linens by Spotti Kitchen Studio x Chateau Orlando
Kitchen Linens by Spotti Kitchen Studio x Chateau Orlando / Gift Guide

Drawing inspiration from a French cookbook of recipes for children – La Cuisine est un Jeu D’enfants by Michel Oliver published in 1963 – this collaboration is composed of an apron, a bread bag and three tea towels fabricated from Italian cotton.

Luke Edward Hall of Chateau Orlando illustrated three of his all-time favorite recipes,which have been printed on tea towels and has created a printed patterned cotton in the form of tomatoes on a striped background, inspired by the tomatoes he grows in his garden – which has been utilized for the apron and bread bag. 

Knitwear by Artknit Studios

Inviting one on a circular path with iconic pieces that are timeless, elegant, minimal and far from passing trends – Artknit Studios by Alessandro Lovisetto is a sustainable knitwear brand. 

Seamlessly highlighting the value of Made in Italy and bringing customers high-quality contemporary products at an affordable price – it was founded with a clear purpose to inspire and educate its community towards conscious consumption. 

Knitwear by Artknit Studios
Knitwear by Artknit Studios / Gift Guide

From day one Artknit Studios has been supporting Italian micro-manufacturing companies and collaborating with them to create an alluring collection that is completely natural and biodegradable. With a short and transparent supply chain, it’s able to combine Italian craftsmanship with the finest raw materials – while keeping prices lower than traditional luxury brands. 

The essential design of each piece represents the perfect balance between aesthetics and sustainability, reflecting a commitment to bringing the right change towards a better future, one knit at a time. 


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