Future proof your old belongings with Smartians by Frolic Studio

With a prominent growth in digitalization of homes and the Internet of things, it is yet to discover if its a boon or a bane. In this ever-evolving market, there are numerous smart home appliances coming up every day, making existing appliances obsolete as today’s FOMO addict consumer always wish to align with the updated technology. As a result of which there is an evident increase in global e-waste as people are discarding existing regular electronic appliances leaving landfills with perfectly usable products.

Smartian  Motor

But this Austria based company Frolic studio is proposing an engaging solution to address this problem and has a fresh take on connected homes. It’s product smartians gives flexibility to the consumers to move towards digitalization without losing on their beloved objects. 

Smartians is a collection of could-connected actuators that convert old manual appliances into smart cloud controlled appliances. These motorized attachments are integrated with functions like pulling, pushing, rotating and clicking. Therefore gives freedom to control volume knob of an old amp, switch on and off of a vintage lamp, pull strings to move blinds and pricking balloons to water plants. 

It can be controlled remotely with a smartphone application and also with IFFFT, it can be linked to google home, Alexa Echo or other services. The Smartian tool kit consists of a base, a hub (motor) and attachments for different functions.

It also let its consumer play with their imagination as its DIY attachment can be used for several different activities one can think of creatively. Smartians is economical, effective, faster method to turn devices smarter.

Application to control Smartians
Smartians Attachments
Smartian  attachment to play records
Smartian to control volume
Clicking mechanism Smartian attachment
Rotating Smartian attachment
DIY Smartian attachment
Smartian charging port
Pulling Blinds with Smartian
Smartian Kit
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