HUSH+1 Podcast – Anna Lee & Gordon LaPlante of gCreate

Born out of HUSH’s weekly internal speaker series, Creative Jam, the HUSH+1 podcast is a bi-weekly platform for creativity, both in and outside of the design industry. In this episode: Anna Lee & Gordon LaPlante of gCreate.

In the HUSH+1 podcast, HUSH systems designer Adam Kruckenberg hosts leaders from all creative walks of life – design, art, technology, architecture, fashion, engineering, fabrication, psychology, music, urban planning, and more, to discuss what they do, why they do it, and what motivates them. 

gCreate - HUSH Podcast

gCreate was founded in 2013 by Gordon LaPlante and Anna Lee, as a two-person startup selling 3D printer kits. Gordon is a licensed architect who also specializes in 3D rendering and design. Anna started her career in fashion public relations before transitioning into digital marketing and event operations within B2B finance and tech publishing.

Today, gCreate sells professional, fully assembled large format gMax 3D Printers to clients such as NASA, Google, The CDC, BMW, Coca-Coca, The US Navy, Harvard Innovation Labs, and many others. Additionally, gCreate launched their high quality on-demand 3D printing services division in late 2017 and continues to grow that side of the business. All manufacturing and operations take place within gCreate’s HQ inside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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gCreate - Anna Lee and Gordon LaPlante
Anna Lee & Gordon LaPlante, founders of gCreate

In this episode, Gordon and Anna start by introducing their company, gCreate, and explain how they got started with a Kickstarter while both working full-time jobs before committing to the company full-time.

They discuss what inspired them to get into 3D printing; Gordon was working on an open-source 3D printing project and making his own 3D printer before they discovered a need in the market. They walk us through what is different about gCreate compared to other 3D printing companies, where they envision gCreate is headed, how they plan to scale the business, and what excites them most about the future of 3D printing.

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